@redstarfish "Do not write laws with it" – no freedom of religion anymore, thanks

@datenschutzratgeber It doesn't say that. It means do not use religion to write laws or do not push religious dogma into laws.

Has nothing to do with cancelling freedom of religion.



Since when are church services no longer public (clearly one should not harass)? Since when should children no longer be raised religiously (clearly they should not be forced to do anything)? Why should there be no laws with/about religions (clearly laws should not be "religiously written")? Why should believers not "think religiously" (what is that even supposed to mean)? Although I agree completely with the intention, the placard is worded pretty silly. Stupid comparison anyway.

@datenschutzratgeber You you take everything out of context and add off-topic things. I know these kind of debating tricks. They won't work with me.

#mute 🔇

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