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I am a simple person, I see "GNU", "free software" in the bio, I follow that account.

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Generally I recommend this video[13 min] to new GNU/Linux users.

It's because GNU/Linux is not just about better quality, powerful softwares. There are certain civility one should learn when joining our community... And this video is the beginning.

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Yes, The name matters. It will always remind us how and why everything started. Use the term GNU/Linux instead of "Linux" .

Today is national day of mourning in Iran. Few days ago a building collapsed in Abadan, Khouzestan Province, and about 30 people died.

Since the US banned our Hawaiian language, it nearly went extinct. Less than 100 kids spoke it in the 80's. Kids are STILL punished for speaking Hawaiian today.
The fact we've 30,000+ Hawaiians speakers now is testament to our struggle to preserve our culture from eradication.

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Why does every tutorial have to be a video nowadays? I don't want to watch your 30 minute videos for something that could've be written down on a page or two 🙄

Will things get better?

Please boost for sample size.

Hi, Nice to meet you.
I’m Mil, or call me Mia.
I was Engineer of Server Side, and Loving Linux so much 😍
I like OpenSUSE tumbleweed and I can write easy program by ShellScript.
I have a GitHub Account. -> Neumaru

If you interested me, please follow me!

the fully open source hardware RISC-V Precursor from bunnie studios is now shipping out to people. pretty insane this thing was actually made #OSHW

what's the process for developing a service in #guix ?

Say I want to write a service for Odoo, what REPL magic should I use ?

And how ?

(for 5 years olds please)

Honestly, with the way these cops keep changing their story, I think they saw it as an opportunity to get more funding and let those kids die.

Incompetence is one thing but with the way they forcibly tried to stop parents from helping combined with their own profound negligence, it wouldn’t surprise me that they thought they could control the narrative to get more money to deal with ‘threats’.

Yeah, it’s a dark take but look how many times police have leveraged tragedy to get more money.

And the kids weren’t white.

Any gun that can terrify six heavily armed police officers into refusing to confront one untrained 18-year-old, is a gun that no civilian should be allowed to own.

Today I pushed up the code for the first version of a new project - youTranscript - a light-weight frontend for youTube that shows you the transcript of a video instead of the video itself.

This is useful when you just want to skim a video and don't want to watch a 30 minute video when you just want to find out the answer to their click-bait headline.

Thanks to @twizzay for the idea on this one.

@redstarfish @CantCodeYet sorry to toot my own horn on your toot, but if you're sick of low information density videos, my new project that shows youtube transcripts instead of videos may be helpful:

(sorry it's on github. I know ya'll prefer more open source hosting. I'll get there at some point.)

I like to remind myself that I don't figure things out because I am smart but because I am too stupid to give up in any reasonable amount of time.

One overlooked #mastodon feature I enjoy is knowing that reading a toot or opening an image isn't contributing to some advertising algorithm's dataset on me and my purchasing preferences.

:frog_glasses: Vs :gnu: Vs :linux:
(cuteness competetion)

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