I am trying out difference CSS-layouts on this instance. Let me know how it works for you guys!

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Posting toots does work now, thanks @mastohost for fast support!

"A pg_dump and pg_restore fixed it!"

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< Cold hands, no gloves. >
\ ^__^
\ (oo)\_______
(__)\ )\/\
||----w |
|| ||

There is an option to "federate against hidden services", is there anyone here that have done that?

@Gargron - is there any docs regarding that? I have not found anything about it.

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Happy belated #WanderWednesday everyone!

Here is the "edible edition" featuring #under1000 sites with "edible" names:

banana.dog run by @debugninja - featured before but it is funny and fits the theme lol

mastodon.sandwich.net by @jrenken - a sleepy little instance by a smallish hosting company with a great domain name

social.linux.pizza by @admin Free toppings...I mean Free Software!


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Negotiators between Parliament, Commission and Council will now create a text based on this terrible proposal. But there's still one more vote in Parliament, probably early next year before the EU elections. Tell your MEPs, and tell your country's governments to #SaveYourInternet

I am SUPER HAPPY that I decided to migrate over to @mastohost . My environment crashed this weekend but social.linux.pizza was thank god - not affected!

The mirror (mirror.linux.pizza) it on its way up. Still having 2 TB of data left and it will be done early morning.

A poweroutage caused a catastrophic failure in my environment. All data is lost.
Well, it was only a well used searx instance and a debian, raspbian, cygwin, linux mint, linux-libre and QubeOS mirror.

Currently redeploying it on a new place!

Power outage.
The Mirror and searx is down atm.

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All it costs to fulfill the average person's needs for digital services is a $5 per month VPS instance. It's even cheaper if you buy a single board computer and host your services at home.

We've been letting companies steal our personal data and sell it to the highest bidder and destroying democracy in the process all to save what? A coffee a month?

This is one of the worst deals in history.

#privacy #selfhosting

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