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Upcoming maintenance for services 

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Upcoming maintenance for services 

What #Pixelfed instances do you recommend?

What #Pleroma instances do you recommend?

What #WriteFreely instances do you recommend?

What #MissKey instances do you recommend?

What #Friendica instances do you recommend?

What other #fediverse software should be introduced to newcomers?

On-boarding folks to the fediverse this week with @rra, @320x200 and @lidia_p and need instance recommendations.

Upcoming maintenance 


Bromite (Bromite is Chromium plus ad blocking and enhanced privacy; take back your browser) -

I am still new att writing, I never liked it but it is something that I want to get better at.

I have written about my experience with my new keyboard, I would like to hear your criticism on the post so I can improve myself.

Seems like a lot of mastodon accounts have died. I remember so many that I never see around anymore. I guess that's how things are on social media, and it seems like there are a loot of new peeps as well.

#mastodon #fediverse #mastoart #fediart #art

Upgraded the router and switch that powers most of the services - for example matrix.

I am always scared before upgrades like there.
It is either - everything went well


Shits fucked I have to work many hours in order to solve this shit.

Got a new SSD and I am considering reinstalling my PC.
Which distro should I pick?


To new #Fedilab users. If you have several accounts, you can simply long press buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, etc.) to finish the action with another account without switching.

Removing End-Of-Life Relays from the Network :tor:

Today, the #Tor #network is composed of more than 6000 relays. These relays are running Tor software versions that go all the way back to the 0.2.4.x series, which was released on December 10th 2013. Other cutting edge relays are running our latest code in nightly builds and alpha releases. These #relay versions represent roughly 5 years of Tor development.

Let's hope that F-Droid accepts "my" app lol

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