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I'll list here a list of "discoveries" I made while being a (Arch)Linux user and how I maintain / improve my system for my needs. What Was Wrong (WWW) could be the motto for my evolution as a Linux user. Indeed, I have always learned from my mistakes and/or by trying to solve an issue (which was sometimes the result of the previous situations).

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Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

I was really hoping to hear back from others and their favorite cli tools :(

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Happy 4th birthday to :ablobdj: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobrainbow: :blobcatrainbow: :blobrainbow: 🍕🍕 :linux: :linuxpizza1:

Thanks for everything @selea

Power is in simplicity so I'd like to share some maybe overlooked Linux:
# Keybindings:
C-a: go to beginning of line
C-e: go to end of line
C-u / C-k: remove everything before/after the cursor
C-y: paste what has been deleted with C-u or C-k
Alt-Backspace: delete the expression before the cursor

# Commands:
mkdir -p : create folders recursively
cd - : go back to last cd'ed directory
cd .. : go back one level
cd ../.. : go back 2 levels
cd ../../.. : go back 3 levels
you get the idea ;)

After testing newsboat for quite some times I've decided that it'll fit my needs so now I've spent a day to tweak it.
I've started to share some of them here but eventually found the motivation to put them all here if you're interested:

Another newsboat "trick" that I just figured out. When adding youtube channels as rss feeds you don't have any url lists when you open a feed but the url of the video is the link of the article (at the top of the article).
To open it (with mpv here), add this in your newsboat config file:
macro y set browser "mpv link"; open-in-browser
Then pressing the comma key (,) by default followed by y the video will open.

BTW, to prevent applications from printing messages and warnings over newsboat interface use this in the config file:
browser "~/.config/newsboat/browser >/dev/null 2>&1"

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trash-cli = trash management
tut = mastodon client
ucollage = image viewer
udevil = (un)mounting removable devices and networks without a password
ytfzf = youtube search/download and more

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nvim plugins (end):
ggandor/leap (in-text navigation)
preservim/vim-markdown (syntax highlighting, matching rules and mappings for the original Markdown)
vimwiki/vimwiki (organize notes and ideas and quickly create links between them)
ap/vim-css-color (render colors of color names)
doronbehar/nvim-fugitive (git wrapper)

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nvim plugins (more):
karb94/neoscroll (smooth scrolling)
SirVer/ultisnips (snippsets)
simnalamburt/vim-mundo (advanced undo with history)
jdhao/better-escape (faster escape from insert mode)
junegunn/fzf (asynchronous Lua API for using fzf)
michaelb/sniprun (code runner and testing inside neovim)

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text editor: nvim
nvim plugins:
nvim-treesitter (parser generator tool and an incremental parsing library)
nvim-orgmode (orgmode for nvim)
akinsho/org-bullets (orgmode headers symbols)
dhruvasagar/vim-table-mode (table creator and formatter)
Townk/autoclose (automatically add a matching character counterpart when typing)
AlessandroYorba/alduin (dark low-contrast colorscheme)
xiyaowong/nvim-transparent (makes neovim fully transparent)

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**CLI tools in alphabetical order**
buku = web browser bookmarks manager
fzf = fuzzy-finder
khal = calendar
neomutt (with glow for markdown rendering) = email client
newsboat = rss feeder
noglob (zsh feature) = batch files renaming
pass = passwords manager
rofi = my omnibar (i.e. launcher for web search, bookmarks/passwords management, music player, and a LOT more)
stow = dotfiles manager

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I need to work on my git to share all my config and dotfiles but in the meantime I thought I would share my daily cli tools that makes my life wonderful. I'm eager to get your feedback and learn about what you're using.

tiling wm: dwm
terminal: alacritty
terminal multiplexer: tmux
shell: zsh (with fzf zsh completion)

**Usual tools replacement**
sudo: doas
cat: bat
find: fd
cp/mv: advcpmv
ls: exa
htop: zenith

And here is the brwoser script:
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# save the image and open it with ucollage in fullscreen
if [ ! -z $(echo $1 | grep -E '.jpg$|.jpeg$|.png$') ]; then
curl $1 --output /tmp/img_newsboat && tmux new-window\; send-keys "ucollage /tmp/img_newsboat" Enter\; send-keys Enter
# open videos or youtube with mpv
elif [ ! -z $(echo $1 | grep -E '|.mpg$|.mpeg$|.mp4$|.avi$|.mov$') ]; then
mpv $1
# open any other link type with librewolf
librewolf $1

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For those of you who are using newsboat as their rss feeder, the use of macros is nice but I found it bothering to have to activate a given macro every single time before you want to use it.
Hence, thanks to the power of this tool, I came up with this simple command in my config: browser ~/.config/newsboat/browser
The referenced file is a shell script that recognize the type of link I'm trying to open and will use the appropriate tool to do so.

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I've published my custom blocking list for UBlock Origin and other blocking add-ons to CodeBerg as a repository open to public collaboration, usage and sharing. It blocks Google, Meta, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others servers and their IDNs too. You can find it here:

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I am alive today because I always wear a high quality full face helmet.

Never go cheap on safety gear.

You can't predict everything.

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Hey #Fosstodon, does anyone here know of a beginning developer, in need, that could use a #Linux laptop gratis? I have a Starlabs Laptop IV that I don't use. Please boost for visibility.

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