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I'll list here a list of "discoveries" I made while being a (Arch)Linux user and how I maintain / improve my system for my needs. What Was Wrong (WWW) could be the motto for my evolution as a Linux user. Indeed, I have always learned from my mistakes and/or by trying to solve an issue (which was sometimes the result of the previous situations).

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And it's working! After one and half days non stop hacking. Abolish passwords and 2FA! Now I'll try to adapt it to work with mastodon.el's blash fork.

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Trying tut, a TUI client for Mastodon. I really love how it works. It's much better than opening a modern browser just for browsing my timeline. And writing my posts in vi make me feel just at home.

Probably the best TUI client for Mastodon, since I've only found other one written in Python. I avoid as much as possible Python programs because they're awfully slow and they pull a ton of dependencies. Anyway, if you have recommendations for any other TUI client for Mastodon, just let me know.

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Ughh I just looked and realized how many bot posts with no image descriptions I've boosted

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If you're interested in #Gemini, a (small) hypertext world outside the world wide web, there are a few options out there. The Transjovian Capsules is a project I host that depends 100% on Emacs (you know me) or Lagrange (by @jk). Here's how you would get started:
(These instructions available on the web, of course, since there needs to be a way to cross over…)
I'm still writing the documentation, so if you get stuck, mail me, and we'll fix it, together. 🚀 🚀 🥳

Simplicity is so powerful. After decades, I can't stop being amazed by the KISS power.
Adding apparent fake complexity is the worst lie to yourself to justify your limitations. And this is not only true for computing...

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Framasoft are one of the few no-bullshit, non-Silicon Valley organisations working to protect your freedoms online and they’ve been hugely supportive of us since the very beginning.

Please support them if you can.

#freedom #tech #privacy #humanRights

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I don't see enough appreciation towards pass, so here's some:

pass is my password manager of choice, because it's so goddamn simple it's literally just a shell script wat

I can literally host my passwords
as a git repo.


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Release 23

Some bug fixes and my favorite is that emojis from toots won't leave artifacts.

Other improvements
* Smarter autocomplete for media attachments
* Allow shortcuts in View-mode, e.g. favorite and toggle spoiler
* Support for URLs from non-Mastodon instances e.g. Honk

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

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Yet they still market themselves as "Youtube without ads". What is this?!

I understand that such a platform has to make money somehow - but false promises - come on.


Didn't post on my gemini for weeks... Days are too short :(

Back to IRC after years... Running irssi under tmux is a joy. I can't stop being amazed by how much power "simple" tools can bring to you.

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I've been taking a look at gemini lately, and I'm loving it so far ! 😀

For those who don't know, gemini is a new internet protocol that's known for its simple, private and secure nature -

If you're interested in exploring gemini, have a look at this site -

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I wrote a guide on how I replaced Google Photos and still have (kind of) all the features it offered.

I eventually took 10 minutes to write a very quick post to talk about Mastodon and especially the TUI tut.

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The Apple ecosystem is an excellent example of privatizing the commons: let's take a bunch of trivial applications that have had free implementations for decades, like converting from one vector format to another, turn that into an "app" in an "app store", and charge a monthly fee for it, a significant fraction of which goes back to Apple.

If that's not user-hostile, nothing is. The fact that Google and Microsoft are similarly user-hostile doesn't excuse it.

I switched from toot to tut for my mastodon cli client and I love it. It's simple but powerful. well organized, easy to navigate and access the info I'm looking for, and offers all features I would use on the web interface.
One more thing I should write a post about on my gemini.

As a scientist, reading the whitepapers of several crypto currencies helped me realize that the myths around this system are even more numerous than I thought. I was used to the wrong idea of easy money but I'm now realizing that most people also don't take time to understand what's behind that (i.e. new technologies, protocols, researchers' work and support, current real world applications...). The complexity goes well beyond money and servers administration.

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