Was just playing with a surprisingly intense photo of Hiro today. The thrills are cheap, no arument there...

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Founders building web3 solutions for problems that don’t exist

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I’m going to post the #nature shot first today, because I’ve been fussing over this particular #photo since I got home two nights ago trying to get the tone right. I think I’ve finally got it to a state that I’m happy with the general range of color, even if it still needs some more technical refinement in the future.

I call this one Dusk Over the Mirror Ashokan.

This isn’t the only set of exposures I did, or even the cleanest composition for a #landscape necessarily- it was an opportunistic shot as I heard the boat approach behind me while walking back to my car. I grew a bit attached to the human element in the middle of frame, though, so this was the first set of exposures I dug into. It just gives the whole thing a better sense of scale, and I like how it turned out given the investment of attention and experimentation I spent on it.

If you like this #photography and want to see more, I tag all my #photos with the #drybeer tag and I post them on just about a daily basis.

Sketchdrop no.70

Today is an anniversary of sorts: One year ago I started this series of drawings. I didn‘t think it would take this long, and there‘s still a good amount to go. But I‘ve started so many things in the past that I now want to practice finishing things, so let‘s keep going. :)

#mastoArt #creativeToots #art #sketch #sketchbook #ink #drawing

@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into #OSHW

I made Steve from Minecraft but he's Realistic

Is this what the peak physical form looks like? Full disclosure: I'm an Amazon affiliate, so any of the links you (can't) follow here will help support the channel. It doesn't cost you anything, but I get a little kickback for each purchase made through these links (I like to think of it as taking money right out of Jeff Bezos's pocket)! #minecraft #steve #realisticminecraft


RL stuff: I need to share this photo of a waterfall with you, because it is so pretty :)
and yes, the pond beneath is very swimmable.

#waterfall #wildlife

@wholemilk @selea something I had considered for a while was collocating in a data center to avoid all uptime-related problems. A new problem arises, though: it doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve got the right connections, though, it may be worth investigating.

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