Do you still use IRC?

Could someone explain me how to have one account across multiple mastodon instances? I saw someone who was in his own instance and followed other instances, how can I do it too?
Sorry that I might not know some stuff, I'm pretty new to mastodon and it confuses me

What are your opinions on upcoming steam deck? It runs Linux ;3 :gamecube:

Tried to root my android and bricked it 3 times lol

Just installed de-googled android rom. Using open-source apps from fdroid :blobcatrainbow:

I sometimes have a "linux crisis".. I feel lonely and sad that I can't use some programs.

I have switched to windows 10 for now because I had to... I am looking forward to go back to linux again and I still value linux more than linux

I have been interested in in past days, I would like to know more how it works and how gemini websites are made, does anyone have any good explained guides?


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