I was today years old when I learned that the "G" in "Gnu" (but not GNU...) is silent!


I'm one of the newcomers from Twitter (was on mastodon\.host a few years ago, but it seems to have disappeared)

Am a *nix geek really (hence the username), obviously now doing more cloud stuff to stay alive.

You may know me from www.shellscript.sh, or possibly from the more Bash-focussed "Shell Scripting: Expert Recipes" book which is, well, more aimed at book-buyers, as it happens....

Anyway, glad to be here on social.linux.pizza, hope to be a bit more active!

I got screwed this week by a Puppet server - installed 5 years ago - license expired. No fix apparently but to create a new Puppet server.

Still, Nigel got screwed from 5 years ago, too.

And I've got a brand-new Puppet server (and I've deshackled it from the Foreman crap, as a bonus!)

Just rejoining Mastodon (was inactive on mastodon\.host previously) to join the Twitter diaspora. Not sure if I'll be any more active on here than I was before, but hey, it doesn't hurt to be here, right?!

Unix / Linux background, wrote a few geeky books / tutorials / websites, Sr DevOps Engineer.

Ally to LGBTQ+ folks. British. Lefty snowflake.


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