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Kender jeg- eller I- nogen i Fjerritslev/Nordthy området, der har lyst til at være frivillig i Fjerritslev Kino? Vi mangler snart en operatør/booker/blæksprutte med teknisk snilde, da en af vores mangeårige medlemmer har valgt at trappe lidt ned. Kom glad og støt op om din lokale biograf der har eksisteret i over 100 år!
Boosts appreciated 🙏🇩🇰❤️‍🔥

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Kan vi snart få den MitID app i åben sovs til PC?

Er der nogen der kan uploade APK et sted til reversing? Man skal have en gåkl konto for at hente den fra Play Store og det har jeg ikke. Jeg har så heller ikke MitID (eller tid) så jeg når nok ikke så langt, men man kan vel prøve at lure lidt af protokollen alligevel med statisk reversing og skrive dokumentation til nogen der kan bygge videre på det :P

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Habt ihr eigentlich irgendwelche Präferenzen, wie ich in meinen Musik-Beiträgen linken sollte?

Oberschwester Mildred Ratched ist tot! Gelegenheit, mal wieder "Einer flog über das Kuckucksnest" zu sehen! Ihre Rolle firmiert auf Platz 5 der Liste der 100 besten Filmbösewichte, und das vollauf verdient

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The reality of our time is that we're drawing more each year than the planet can replenish. While earnest, any optomisations in extractivism and food system technology - 'sustainability' - are proving, & will continue to prove, insufficient to offset this gap. It''s 3 steps forward, 1 back, toward a very hard place. Only reductions in consumption can close the gap. Nothing else. Without degrowth, it is never going to work, nor end well. That time is soon. Have an awesome day anyway, I mean it

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Wørdle #258 5/6


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#iran #censorship #IRanASignalProxy 

I stood up a Signal proxy to help the people of Iran circumvent the censorship of their government.

All it takes is a linux server with docker, a pulic IP and ports 80 and 443 free:

DM me for link to the proxy, or email me at


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how often do you walk around the house using your cellphone for light instead of turning the lights on proper?

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Leute, langsam wird's frisch. Was macht ihr jetzt zu Hause/im Home Office? #poll

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Years ago, during one of the years-long droughts that afflict inland Australia, images reminiscent of Dorothea Lange's from 1930s' Oklahoma — of desperate farming families, crushed by debt, walking off their dessicated acreages — were commonplace in the local press.

I can't help thinking it's coming to us all, in one form or another. It's already apparent in Italy: dying towns and farmlands along the receding River Po, millions of diseased olive trees in Puglia, empty seas off all its coasts.

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Da stellt sich mir die Frage:
Lässt du die Dusche beim Einseifen laufen, oder stellst du dabei das Wasser ab?

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There was an obvious ____________ in the congressman’s legislative agenda, which favored affluent districts over poverty-stricken ones.

If you don’t know take your best guess. No Googling the correct answer.

Please boost to get more responses.

Check back tomorrow for the correct answer.

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If you need help using Mastodon or the Fediverse, have a look at:


It's got advice for both beginners and experienced users, and is written in non-technical language.

All future tips from FediTips will be added to it, and I'm gradually adding the past ones too.

Message me if you have questions or feedback! :blobcat:

p.s. For an alternative perspective, see @noelle's excellent "Increasingly Less-Brief Guide to Mastodon" at

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Wondering if anyone from #Melbourne or #straya has had experience with It looks like can hire a car for 10 days for $360. The other cheapest option is Alpha car rentals for $430. Just unsure if rentabomb will get me an unreliable shitshow or just a regular reliable old corolla or something.

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#Zitröte_von_Goethe ☝🏼

"Hass gleicht einer Krankheit, dem Miserere, wo man vorne herausgibt,
was eigentlich hinten wegsollte."

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