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@timjan My 16 year marriage, summed up in three lines.

Right, I forgot. That number is neither given as a hexadecimal nor an octal number: it's a duodecimal number.

Should get to bed, but it's probably 5 degrees warmer upstairs then downstairs, still. :(

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"As a California resident, you have the right to direct a business [...] not to sell your personal information" ... "We don't sell personal information, so we don't offer an opt out option" ... "we share personal information with..."

Oookay, so as long as the company doesn't get paid(?) (monetarily?), I'm not allowed to complain? And if the company gets "paid" in-kind (i.e. with other people's PI) that's not a sale, because the value of the PI was assigned 'zero', and it's just a mutual share?

TFW you realize that a vendor's dedicated FAE knows more about, and knows it earlier, what *your* next project is supposed to be about, than you know.

bellyaching about Linux (snap) 

Reinstall snap completely. Okay.

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bellyaching about Linux (snap) 

$ snap run authy
/snap/authy/11/authy: error while loading shared libraries: libatk-1.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
$ snap refresh authy
snap "authy" has no updates available

Whoever said that "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never dreaded having to review a 213 page long PowerPoint and then been able to celebrate because there was more than one picture per ten words in the whole document.

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But the short of it is that I now can switch between the Fedora and the Gentoo systems again.


(now working on getting all the software reinstalled, that I used to have in Fedora)...

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bellyaching about linux (grub) 

Alright, this one seems to have solved it: unix.stackexchange.com/questio

In /etc/grub.d/40_custom, write a manual menu entry.

Run grub-mkconfig again. Then the output of os-prober lands in the "30_os-prober" section, and the manual addition shows up in the "40_custom" section in grub.cfg.

I'm assuming that the section I see when booting is what is arriving from the os-prober, but I haven't looked very closely.
(Too tired tonight).

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I've found one recent-ish forum thread about such a problem, but that only went into details about what efi-specific changes would be needed, but apparently it still didn't work, so the OP gave up on using grub altogether.

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Of course grub.cfg is gone. Yes, I have a backup, but that will of course not know about the new Fedora.

So... Generating a new file? Fedora's os-prober finds the Gentoo system, it just refuses to add anything non-Fedora to the grub.cfg file...

Any hints? The system does not use efi, does uses LVM, Fedora and Gentoo uses different root folders (sda1 and sdc1, respectively).

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That seemed to work. Installing now; hopefully it won't mess up grub which so far has remained available to start up Gentoo.

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1. "Failed to write to USB drive. Retry?" - Ok.
2. .... nothing happens for 10 minutes
3. Cancel.
4. "You'll have to restore the usb drive!" - Ok.
5. Restore usb drive
6. "Failed to restore"
7. partitionmanager -> recreate file system.
8. write successful. Now restart....

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Trying to reinstall fedora.
Kde-plasma live 36: system freezes (repeatably) approx 3 second after I touch the mouse for the first time after boot. Hm, hard to get anything installed this way.
Trying xfce 35 next.

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The Insane Cost of Cars

People underestimate how much owning a car costs by 52%. Even a cheap car costs a fortune to its owner, and yet another fortune to society. Let’s compare it to some alternatives to show the insane real cost of cars.

What’s interesting is that the per-rider cost of public transportation to the government is less than the cost of each car to the government when it comes to road maintenance and so on.

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