Reposted my 1st short story on my new site.

It's called Our Band Could Mean Your Life and is a gory mess about a metal band playing a killer live show.


After pulling my hair out for a few days it turns out the Pop library in Go Buffalo doesn't properly support eager saves. 😞

So for anyone working on this, you'll need to create your own queries to updated your many_to_many table.

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The Runner: Why you should try self-hosting and de-Google your life?

Big American tech companies know way too much about us and are too intertwined with our personal lives, but they don’t have to be. Read more below!

How to use a postgres array in Fizz with Go Buffalo:

The below example is a string array.

1. In your fizz file use []string as your type

2. In your model file, import ""

3. In your model file, in the struct, use slices.String as your type

Hallelujah! After 2 days of trying off-and-on, I got Go Buffalo to talk to my Postgres database.

Now, with that out of the way, time to look into displaying the data back to the user in something other than JSON.

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Junior dev: What's the best prefix for global variables?

Senior dev: //

Wow, wow, WOW!

Grady Hendrix's My Best Friend's Exorcism is amazing! Full of teen angst, 80's music references, moving friendships, and an exorcism by a member of the The Power Team, this novel is all I could have wanted in a horror story.

A must read!

Work commits VS Personal commits

I need more personal projects 😀

This is not how it's supposed to be! Having to block over 50% of the DNS lookups at the house is disgusting.

Why does beer look so much tastier in British movies and TV shows than in American ones?

They somehow make it look like every beer is the nectar of the gods.

Hiding scrollbars is never the right design choice.

To kick off summer, and my time here on Mastodon, here's a song I made few years back with a group of people from reddit. It's got a lofi, summer vibe to it.

It was a bit of a fight, but I replaced Pi-Hole with AdGuard Home yesterday.

In 24 hours, 25,784 DNS queries with 3,120 blocked by filters.

The amount of tracking and ad serving happening in a regular day is both mind boggling and disheartening.

Howdy everyone. I'm tgpo, a computer programmer that's looking to move away from my current internet corporate overlords, and I figured replacing twitter was a good first(ish) step.


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