As a reminder, because announced today that several millions venture capital is floating to their dev team at NewVector.

Most of the infrastructure of matrix is depending on centralized service.

Self hosting will not help you with that, unless you exclude any federation with and any other instance that uses cloudflare and any instance that doesn't use cloudflare but federates with one that does and nobody you communicate with uses riot at and...


That makes privacy invasive and difficult to use for anyone that cares about privacy.
The default behavior is: sending all sorts of metadata to cloudflare also when you self host it.

I believe one shouldn't expect to much from a company, that used google analytics for their webchat at

In case you want to read a bit more on this subject including a research paper, take a look here:


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the irony of linking to , while criticizing the usage of :
gitlab also uses cloudflare.

It's a mess...

Yep, we are really need of something for developing free software that also respects visitors (Works with JS disabled and works with tor). Some alternatives exist though like Gitea( but don't know if it uses cloudflare).

Gitlab and Gitea are both free softwares so can't people use it without cloudflare?

Good thing is is working on making one that respects users' freedom.

@syster Gitlab uses CF for it's CDN yes, but do note, you can also self-host that if you don't like CF...

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