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I'm new here. I'm anti tech cis dudes that refuse to reflect and undo toxic behavior, and like to call those comrades (if they want so) that do.

my gender: human
my pronoun: it/they/them/human
my interest for being here:
promoting and sharing thoughts about: secure communication, that puts the user and their usecases into the center of considerations.
I'm here for learning, and tryn to take what I learned to contribute back to freesoftware projects such as .

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Chelsea Manning libérée !


BREAKING: A federal judge has ordered the release of Chelsea Manning: "the court finds Ms. Manning's appearance before the Grand Jury is no longer needed, in light of which her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose."


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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our #FOSS adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to #Linux: servers and desktops! We try to be as #opensource as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

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Noticing Google Analytics being used on a website for open source projects, security blogs / systems or privacy rights organizations...

(Choose all that apply...)

#opensource #google #marketing #privacy #data #infosec #tracking #blog #foss

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is some great piece of software, but their politics just sucks.

Promoting and educating facists about preserving privacy and anonymity, is not exactly something you should do.

( is a social network known for hosting facists and for radicalizing people towards facism)

@micahflee since you're on the frontpage of the whonix website, could you please request them to stop supporting gab?

4.4 got released.

- Update :tor: Browser to 9.0.6
- Update thunderbird to 68.5.0.
- Update Linux to 5.4.19.
- it tentatively fixes Wi-Fi interfaces with Realtek RTL8822BE and RTL8822CE chipsets.
(If you had a problem with Wi-Fi starting from Tails 4.1, please let us know whether your problem was fixed or not.)

Tails 4.4 fixes many security issues that affect Tails 4.3. You should upgrade to Tails 4.4 as soon as possible.

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The Tails team is looking for a “Privacy loving Linux generalist”:

Emphasis on the last two items in the list of requierements:
“• Have guts feelings or ethical reasons to be interested in online privacy.

• Like to learn new stuff: Tails is big and you probably don't know everything yet — nobody does!”

If you feel like applying, do it now!

What's your opinion about ?
What's your opinion/experience about using in tails?

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Dear #Fediverse, #Mastodon and other #FOSS / #opensource people,

I've created this issue:

Please join the discussion and give your opinion about this suggestion.

ping: @fosstodon, @mike, @kev, @ashfurrow, @omnipotens, @jonah

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@syster @Twelve Torify in modern distributions is a backwards compatible version of Torsocks, which is still maintained. The real Torify isn't maintained anymore. Torify also has some downsides compared to Torsocks, including potential DNS leaking and not ensuring that different invocations use different circuits.

In short; don't use Torify, use Torsocks.

If you think about using , or promoting it: Don't

Here just something historical showing you a bit of the mind setting of its developer:

Reported issue (2016):
"Users can unintentionally leak their private messages to the Giphy-Api, when accidentally pressing the GIF button after typing a message."

Respond by Wire:
"Thanks for the feedback, however, our new design moved the GIF button to a different location (bottom of the screen), making it less likely to be tapped accidentally."

As you may know already, there's the plan to bring an official :tails: account into the fediverse

For the reason of supporting the fediverse as a decentralized ecosystem, @fruechtchen brought up the idea of using something else then .

I've been thinking off , or .

afaik, hubzilla and friendica do not work properly over (correct me if wrong pls) and for plemora I'm missing an easy access point for potential new users as joinmastodon.


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If anyone is interested in the outcome of the #omemo spec sprint last weekend, the resulting updated protocol specification has just been PR'ed:

#xmpp #encryption

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An onion-link is also available:


(Again, CC BY-SA 4.0. Edited by @Famicoman. We are just fans and supporters :) )

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Not enough people know the NODE Vol. 1 zine. Since it's under a CC BY-SA 4.0 license, we have made the PDF available for direct download:

NODE follows the tradition of 90s #cyberpunk zines, with more current topics such as decentralization, hardware hacking and other DIY stuff. It was edited by @Famicoman and is such a great collection of material and ideas. More information and the original dat:// address can be found here:

Spread it widely!

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Is it safe to use #toot (the #mastodont terminal client) through #tor via #torsocks? I mean the conecction is still #encrypted as in #https even when using the login_cli tool (which lacks two factor autentification)?.
Is there any risk a tor malicious node to be #eavesdropping?


I'm tryn to install some apps via in :tails:

The issue I'm facing is running out of space.

It write everything to /, which is limited to 1.9GB.
I tried symlink the folder it writes into, to somewhere with more space, and tried to follow the advice given by some flatpak users here:

both failed.

Any advice on that?

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i prefer #XMPP with well administrated servers using #OMEMO encryption.

* compared to matrix, it has less resource limits.
* has client diversity. for instance, there exist clients for the terminal and native GUI clients
* compared to matrix, the end-to-end crypto is better. for instance, on matrix, currently only riot support end-to-end crypto. fractal for instance does not.
* XMPP has better decentralization. matrix for instance has one huge server: and many small ones.
* XMPP has diverse developer culture, for instance XMPP hackathons and multiple XMPP servers who both work well.
* it is more stable compared to signal. Signal is very difficult to use without a smartphone and the migration from one desktop client to another desktop client is difficult when you don't have access to your smartphone. in XMPP i can just create a new OMEMO key for the new device and everything is fine. (Both devices can be used simultaneously)

#matrix #decentral #dezentral #signal
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