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type Sotolf: Human
languages: [English, Norwegian, German, Japanese]
location: Austria
os: Linux.Arch
env: [bspwm, terminal]
occupation: IT-guy
hobbies: [reading, programming, shorthand, puzzles]

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Got some steps together today, have to say I actually managed to walk enough that I feel it in my muscles, which is not something I manage often.

Sitting nearby to an American tourist talking on the phone my ears hurt, what's the purpose of talking loudly on the phone when you sit in a restaurant, duck me that's annoying...

For people not following the gospel of Leo already, here is something to start your rabbit hole :)
Teenage Dirtbag (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli)

I'll probably finish the book off today, it's been a lot of fun, really enjoyed the series (Aurora rising by G. S. Jennsen) a 9 book long series, really enjoybable, kind of sad that there isn't more than around 50 pages left.

It's kind of funny to be a native speaker of a tonal language that so few people know is tonal.

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🎮 Let's play "The Comment Game".

The rules:
⭐ Author (me) posts a question (see below).
⭐ Player (you) answers the question without looking into comments.
⭐ Player reads comments and favorite those matching their answer.
🌟 Player boosts the original post if they like the game:)

❓ What was the last programming language you've written code in?

#thecommentgame #tcg #programming

Yey found an extremely interesting language-blog in Norwegian about grammar and funny grammarthings :D

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In September 1984 the revolutionary game Elite was released by Acornsoft for the Acorn BBC Micro computer. Here's the original promotional VHS video for the game ...

/via computermuseum on twitter

#retrogaming #elite #acorn #bbcmicro

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It's a wonderful layout, it just takes a bit of time to get used to typing with it :)

Hmm, I really hope that the ESX doesn't report the correct CPU temperature

Some times I wonder if it wouldn't be better to just leave the governing of our world to an AI, that would at least learn fast that the way to maximise the wellbeing of the most people we will have to work together, while getting politicians to see that seems nigh impossible, *sigh*

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Bah how can an author manage to get so much wrong in one article, this is just the epitomy of not understanding how linux works.

No the world doesn't care about your application, just don't vendor every dependency, don't use bloated abstraction trees to do simple things.

Overcomplicating things only leads to really bad experience for people trying to use your thing, just don't.

In order from least to most stressful in my work:

- Thing works
- Thing doesn't work
- Thing doesn't work, and I don't know why.
- Thing works, and I don't know why.

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#InfinityGauntlet #snap:

From now on, EVERY single #Electron-based app comes up with a splash screen that simply says in large, bold characters,

"We just couldn't be arsed."

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