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@FoolishOwl @yarmo @joel I took them seriously at first b/c I thought #Keybase was just a key exchange/ID management service that gave a web client means for those w/out pgp to contact me. But it turned out that was just a foot-in-the-door shenannigan as they tried to become yet another full blown social media platform. The devs lacked the security street wisdom that was needed. lemmy.ml/post/31190

Hey #FOSS communities! If you are moving away from #github (which you should), consider @codeberg.

If you like GitLab more than Gitea or need its advanced CI capabilities, and are (remotely) linked to education, you are also welcome on our EduGit.org platform!


Chromebooks banned for use in the danish educational system, because of the possibility of delivering information to American authorities.

Must be a hard hit for Google in #Denmark. It good for overall security, yea? 🤔

#Google #Chromebooks

nobody knows how real people live

people come into the puppy linux forums on a weekly basis like "yeah im running windows XP right now, Ive got 500MB of ram and an Athlon XP" or something like that looking to use puppy to keep their hardware going.

Every time some dev is like "nobody uses 32 bit PCs anymore just buy a new computer" i wanna fuckin scream

@dysfun @artemis
I have a bunch of tabs and use this to not get OOM killed.

You can have your cake and eat it too.

Watching JT programming a nes emulator in jakt (the langauge they are developing for serenityOS) is really making me want to start coding on an emulator again, kind of wanting to do the gameboy, since it was the system that I grew up with.


Hardware support policies 

Our hardware support policy for our kernel has attracted the interest of some people making embedded hardware recently... that policy being, once hardware works, it's supported until it becomes unfeasible to do so, e.g. support is removed from the compiler. Maybe a good policy against e-waste? 🤯

When steps were taken to make the kernel work well on multi CPUs, it was done step-by-step allowing many old device drivers to co-exist in the non-multiprocessing world.

James Webb Space Telescope may have found the most distant starlight we have ever seen. The reddish blurry blob you see here is how this galaxy looked only 300 million years after the creation of the universe.


Tengo un gusto culposo, me encanta ubunto con todo y su flatpack, lxc, lxd y su enorme consumo de memoria. Además fue la primera distro que conocí y siento un apego especial. Nada le puede ganar a esta hermosura :ablobspin:

@nougcat It's nonfree and completely controlled by Microsoft
It isn't even really a git forge. It extends git and uses social engineering in such a way that it practically prevents people from leaving, and it makes people feel as though they must have an account to interact with developers. It's just another antisocial media platform.

More good reading is to be found here: raccoon.onyxbits.de/blog/why-n

Thank you! #ThankGNU to James Wilson, Edward Flick, Andrew Gaul, and Ethan Nelson for helping the FSF continue its goal of educating the public about #freesoftware u.fsf.org/3hq

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