Hmm, I'm looking into 2FA/mutifactor auth/OTP and realizing that most implementations are *much* less secure than I thought.

Consider someone with gAuth/freeOTP on their phone. My previous understanding was that an attacker needed to access the phone *at the time they wanted to log in*. They could not, for example, steal the phone briefly, get the code, return the phone before it was missed, and then log in later… because the code would have changed.

But I now think that was wrong.


OMG, they mention Raspberry Pi in an anime (Dr. Stone) LOL I wasn't expext that.

The #microsoft propagandist whom the #eff foolishly gave an award to is now attacking everyone, using the EFF. The EFF has gone in a bad direction.

Tiny ESP32 Fits inside USB-A Connector

The ESP32 was introduced a few years ago as an inexpensive way to outfit various microcontrollers with WiFi or Bluetooth. Since then it has been experimented with and developed on, thanks to its similarities to the…

Original tweet :

#Lista de #Protolos #P2P

Aunque te sorprenda, existen muchas areas o sectores en donde podemos observar la aplicacion de alguna forma de intercambio entre #iguales

En lo personal, me parece una tremenda lastima, que las aplicaciones p2p sigan tan marginadas

Lista de PROTOCOLOS (no aplicaciones):

Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking (#APPN) #Ares #Bitcoin #BitTorrent #DirectConnect #eDonkey #FastTrack #Freenet #Gnutella #Gnutella2 #Libp2p #IRC(XDCC) #MUTE #OpenFT #OpenNap #Overnet #WinMX

@aral @amolith #incidentMozilla #vieprivee #firefox firefox-esr: Debian disabled 'studies' probably for security/privacy reasons. Enable it if you wish using about:config. Debian: Excellent comment there by Bill Allombert: ***"The fact that this bug allows Mozilla to disable remotely security extensions like noscript is a major security issue."*** xpinstall.signatures.required = false (and disable addon auto-updates) looks safer than allowing studies.

its a trap, firefox say it's your friend, but secretly only wants your data 😆 :ablobspin:


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