I miss the times when phones looked good

@selea my favorite was the Sony Walkman w810i. I never had it though. It was the phone of my dreams.

@jeff @selea the Walkman 810i remains my favorite phone of all time. Water destroyed mine in 08 or so

@fishbowl_thief @selea that phone was just beautiful. I had the w610 which was pretty similar.

@selea there something called the nothing phone, i think it looks cool

@selea I miss the times when manufacturers tried to do cool things with the design of phones. Think of the difference between Nokia, Motorola and Sony Erickson from back in the day. They were all wildly different and really cool.

@kev @selea what about the Samsung Fold and Flip series? While it’s not an industry wide trend it is at least something drastically new 😁

@kev @selea But I do agree, the pre smartphone era was very "colourful" for the lack of a better word.

@lx @selea that’s hardly a drastic design change. It’s a folding black mirror instead.

@selea @kev well the thing is that most of the user interface moved from hardware to software thanks to the touchscreen. So where old designs played with the layout, shape and colour of buttons, that’s now all done in software because that’s where those things are now. Makes the hardware more boring but the software arguably more interesting 😅

@lx @kev

I do like them, sadly they are waay to expensive for me

@kev Two of those companies don't even exist as their original entities anymore. The last phone I really enjoyed having was the Moto X (first generation, curved back, with finger dimple), mine was white front and navy back. I would love that size and form factor with the current edge to edge screen.

@shom even that is still a very small digression from the black mirrors we're all accustom to.

Look at this phone. This is the last phone I owned before switching to smart phones. It's a thing of beauty, even now!


@kev definitely agree, I meant in the smartphone era that was the last phone that I actually liked the design on.
Early 2000s were a great time for industrial design of phones and there were so many unique form factors too. The Nokia ngage was a beautiful phone (never had, but coveted one) and even that had smart features.


@shom @selea a friend of mine in school had one - we were all extremely jealous.


I love the Moto C (style) - built like a tank!

Big fan of Sony Ericsson thou,


@selea I miss the times when phones were, you know, just phones.

@mohs @selea Oh, it was if you go back far enough. My first mobile phone was the NEC P3 back in 1991. It could make calls and… that was it.

@DCLXVI @selea in all honesty the 3310's a little bit before my time, but I still do find it really nostalgic for some weird reason.

@sataa @selea It's a wonderful design. I loved the flip novelty of the StarTac and it was easy to throw in a pocket. I would use either one today.


I miss smaller phones. When 6" wasn't the mini version. I have a Pixel 2 and Nexus 5 and they are so nice to handle.
@selea Me too. I had one of these. So glossy and inviting.

Unless you just mean mobile phones. They didn't look so nice in my day. The UI was less intuitive, and they often smelled like wee for some reason.

@selea I miss the flip phones era. Sure they broke a lot, but boy did they look cool. The new folding touch phones in this generation don't look as good as the flip phones we've used in the past.

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