So, we have actually blocked new registrations for users that is using
This is because, 99% of all spam accounts uses
80% signups is spam.

Just did a quick test - I enabled registration for email-addresses.
And within 10 minutes had three spamaccounts been registered and started to spew spam.

No, this is a permanent block from now on.

@selea why not kicking them out when it turns out that they are spam accounts?


Because, it can be hundreds of signups every week. To much work for me to keep an eye on the local timeline.

@selea yeah that makes sense. first thought was 'omG that's so mean'. that's why I asked eventually


Well, I have thought about this decision since last summer and have kept an eye on the trends regarding singups.
It has been especially bad since april thou..
However, people can still invite people with invite links. And current accounts will work aswell ofcourse.

@selea It would have been nice if you could add a very visible notice about this. At the moment it is at the end of the description which is very easy to miss.


Well, I think it is fine where it is currently. People should be able to read before the signup to a random platform.

@selea @Mehrad
...and people who don't read fine print probably shouldn't be giving their e-mail address to random Internet services.

@selea And yet, ask any small business owner with his/hers own domain, how often their emails go straight to gmail user's junk folders. Fuck google. Anti-trust laws exist to fight political corruption and unfair competition -- not "muh prices"

@selea Gmail blocked our verification emails a while ago because we're not doing something they now demand (technical details irrelevant). So nobody with a Gmail address can sign up to our forum.

At first I was going to fix this but now I'm kinda not in a big hurry about it :)

@yngmar Fair. If people choose to use an email provider that throws legitimate messages addressed to them on the floor that's their lookout. More people, and businesses, need to understand this.


@selea that was the first mailblock i implemented at my server. It was like 95% spam.

Refusing to use an abuse system has made Google the no 1 spammailprovider

@selea we put an info in the error to use ending which seems to block the spam but users are still signing in with googleaccounts


Yeah, it is really the biggest source of spam. And we cant do shit about it.

@selea but aren't those signups performed by bots?

@selea some companies do this to for addresses that arent from the tech giants

@selea Wow, but that's also blocking a lot of non-spam users.. Isn't there a more fine-grained filter like IP range? I would hate to block all gmail users from my instance..


Ofcourse, but I have no other choice sadly. The last month, registrations has been 80% spam accounts, and basically the rest - inactive accounts.

It is just to much work to handle that. They are free to register on other instances ofcourse #Gmail is notorious for the ludicrous amounts of spam it enables, and Google doesn't really give a shit because they know people won't block them en masse. There's plenty of other, better providers out there. Or you can self-host, of course.

It's way overdue to take a stance against the garbage Google is flinging onto the web with no regard for others.


I checked the abuse inbox at work (work at a hostingprovider and registrar at the moment), and there is a SHITTON of spam from accounts.
I am not exaggerating when I say that 99% of spam in that inbox is addresses

@ruud Yeah, I've worked at a registrar/email provider for a while, it's insane. But you can just host any kind of service, really, and you'll immediately notice that #gmail accounts are mostly spam, and reporting it to #Google does absolutely nothing. You'll be lucky getting a reply from their support at all.

The argument to keep allowing gmail is because so many normies are using it, but I'd argue that the more tech-savvy people should do their part and block it with explanation, so that they can understand why it's wrong to use gmail, at least in its current form.

Then again, there are plenty of reasons to dodge it, being the largest source of spam email addresses on the Internet is just one of them. Nobody seemed to care for any of the other reasons that were pointed out back in the day, I doubt the majority of people are going to care about this problem right now...


well, if everybody starts to make life hell for gmail users, they will switch. it for sure worked the other way round, with gmail blocking everyone 💁

@ruud @selea

@tyil @ruud @selea
It should be possible to perhaps block gmail, but allow specific e-mails from friends.

In terms of explanation, again would be good to explain why gmail is blocked, but suggest an alternative e.g disroot for example.

I do agree that a lot of people don't care, but if good reasons are given, the message does filter through at some point.


Invites still work thou - if you want to have your friends over that uses gmail, you can just create an invite link.

But yes, an explanation would be good. But people does not read the discription anyway.

@tyil @ruud

@selea @tyil @ruud

I find that, peope don't read, the usual tl:dr thing, but the downside of blocking is that the big tech retaliate by blocking you.

Disroot has good system where you have to actually type 150 characters (or words) to answer a specific question when signing up or your account is not approved.


"but the downside of blocking is that the big tech retaliate by blocking you"

What makes you say that? It is not like I am sending spam to gmail - no email is being sent.

@tyil @ruud

@selea @tyil @ruud

For a while disroot was having issues being blocked by outlook, ok granted that could have been due to something else. This has been resolved. >big tech retaliate by blocking you

Most of the "big tech" players in the email field block you by default. You have to get on your knees and kindly ask them to not block you by default. We're way past the point you're describing.

@tyil @ruud @selea make a script that when you ban someone uses a Gmail account to forward an email to 20 of the spammers

@tyil @ruud @selea if you have an android..its using gmail. they use 360- got ip banned twice now notices this week alone from em.

@selea funny, i recently had a discussion about self hosting mail here on fedi. i made the point that gmail is a big spammer themselves. thanks for the additional data point ;)

@selea I’m feeling slightly offended, ya? :troll:
I did register here with my Gmail account but for new registrations on new services I do tend to use a custom domain on top of Fastmail.


Well, you can still generate an invite-link to your gmail-only friends ;)

@selea "And within 10 minutes had three spamaccounts been registered and started to spew spam."

bots. you might just implement a Human Checker on your registration page instead of blocking human gmail users.


As soon as mastodon have native support, yes
Otherwhise I have stopped caring. Not worth the time.

giving gmail some of their own medicine?
I doubt they'll care.
its useds might, but they have no recourse.
it must suck to be the sucker stuck to an oligopoly :-(
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