@selea lots of low effort posting, but not adverts etc.

Like shitposter.club or Reddit r/shitposting

@selea @smigol r/shitposting is 100% simply by how cringe they are.

Do all gmail users still get googlemail.com aliases automatically too? Might need to block that as well

@selea really? Gmail? I mean, fuck google, but I was unaware it was a major source of spam.

@AgreeableLandscape @selea They've become so big that I can't even think of a viable alternative anymore.

@SapphireDrew @selea protonmail, tutanota are both okay, both are no-knowledge encrypted, in theory. Nowhere near perfect, but way better than Google/Microsoft emails.

@SapphireDrew @selea But I think the best way is to get a personal domain name and use that as your email. You can self host with an open source solution, or, plenty of email providers allow you to connect a custom email address, including the two I mentioned above. That way, you can very easily switch providers without having to worry that some people still only know you by your previous provider's email address.


Inactive and spammers was like 99% of all the registrations from gmail accounts.

@selea I've always loved how companies block smaller email domains like Tutanota and others for "spam", yet Gmail has more spam than all of them combined, and rarely puts any actual effort other than automation to solving it.

@tagomago @LibreNyaa @selea

Just noticed this little sentence legt of the table:

"Spam continues to plague the internet because a small number of Internet Service Providers knowingly sell service to professional spammers for profit, or do not enough or nothing to prevent spammers operating from their networks."

Then I looked at #3 and #4 on the list and had to laugh. (And burnt the pancakes in the pan because looking at spam statistics 🙄)

@selea my only concern when you block a public email server is when someone needs to reach out or contact you to sign up. they are stuck with gmail or some form it till they can sign up or learn of proper ones.


They are able to email-me - the block was only for signups via the form - invites and emails to the admin-email ofcourse still works.

@selea i will try to contact you if im using my gmail. normally i use my own domain emails and one service i use

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