Nothing really beat hosting my own emailserver,

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And with some special routes for specifics addresses, I wont need to be worried to get blacklisted again - ever.

@selea sorry to disappoint you, but your whole IP range can be blacklisted. So even if you don’t do anything wrong, if someone in your IP space sends spam, your IP still gets blocked.


I am fully aware of that, and that is why I route emails out via clean IP-ranges, and I am able to switch easy peasy.

@selea Can I ask what you went with for alternate routing? My hosted subnet just got got the stick by (but not 365 business for some reason) and I really don't want to call MS again.


I went with a private relay on a trusted ISP basically :)

@selea so you reverted to using your own server?! XD nice. You got me to host mine when leaving your too which is good too


Yeah I did :O

I was so much cheaper for my family to reside on my own server,
I also realized that it is kinda stressful to host email for other people - big responsibility

@selea Why do you look for somebody to beat your server? What do you mean by loving a server?

@selea Hosting your own email server... without having to do any maintenance or paying for the bills? :drool:


The bills is like, 9 euros / month, :P
Hopefully I will have the time to do proper maintenance aswell :P

@selea still, not having to pay 9 euros/month or having to do proper maintenance is still better than _just_ self-hosting it, right? :^)


I would need to pay alot more than 9 dollar in order to get email accounts, calendar, exchange support and so on for my family :P

@selea You're missing the joke :p

>"Nothing really beat hosting my own email server"
>"Except hosting your own email server and not having to pay a single dime for it"


Since I am not a violent person, It is on one big ass piece :P

@selea One worry I've had with hosting my own email is, if I have a power outage or something happen to my server I may miss an important email.

How do you mitigate this issue? I was thinking of just using a VPS for a email server.


If your emailserver is offline for a couple of hours - it does not really matter. Since the other server will just try to send the email again.

You could also set up a fallback/backup MX just in case.

@selea I've had situations where my power is out for a solid 12+ hours. What would I do then? (Other than set up that fallback)


Real mailservers would deliver emails even if your power was out for days

@selea Fair enough.

I just don't wanna loose some relevant to bills or something else relevant to my email.

@wholemilk @selea surely the "important" email will just queue up on the senders server or mailhost... They don't just get lost after being sent.

I run my own smarthost and when a client's site has a power cut the queue just releases (10 emails per minute) until they're all sent.

@wholemilk @selea something I had considered for a while was collocating in a data center to avoid all uptime-related problems. A new problem arises, though: it doesn’t come cheap. If you’ve got the right connections, though, it may be worth investigating.

@wholemilk I run my own mailserver for about 10 years now and I never have had a serious problem. When I migrated to my current mailserver, I did a mistake: I have forgotten to create a directory supposed to contain an internal database. As in HTTP, SMTP has a number of status codes. The most important rejections are temporary rejects (codes 400-499) and permanent rejects (500-599). In that case, other mailservers got temporary rejects and all mail arrived a day later after I fixed the issue.

@wholemilk In case of a permanent rejection, the sending mailserver is supposed to send a non-delivery-notification (NDR) to the sender. Connection errors are handled like temporary rejects. After 3-5 days of connection errors or temporary rejects, depending on the postmaster's configuration, the mail expires and the sender also gets a NDR. This is the worst that can happen since you don't just discard a message. I regularly watch my logs using pflogsumm, it shows any errors if there are such.

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