Finally changed my MX records

One era of my life is now over, it was fun while it lasted

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@selea I'm on the brink of migrating 8-10 Google Workspace accounts to regular email accounts on a managed server. They think the transition's gonna be wine and roses, I secretly think all hell will break loose.


Well, I just let the users move their own emails via the MUA (Thunderbird, Outlook, Claws, whatever).
I did not have to bother with migrating the emails myself - luckily

@selea Thing is, these people have been using just the Gmail frontend for 10+ years, so it's gonna be a rough learning curve, I believe. Also, there's one of them with almost 35 GB of emails... I'm not sure how well/bad are they going to be handled by the server and by his PC, tbh.

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