Is there a selfhosted solution out there?
I just want activesync to work with autodiscover

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@selea I’ve searched for this myself, haven’t found anything decent yet.

There’s an auto config XML file you can create, but that’s only for IMAP, pop and SMTP… No active sync 😞

@selea You mean the IMAP & SMTP autoconfiguration, where you enter an email address and the program automatically figures out the servers?

Dunno about SoGo, but for Thunderbird, that was placing a static XML at https://autoconfig.$domain/mail/config-v1.1.xml

Something along these lines:


yeah exactly like that, I actually employ autoconfig (autoconfig is for Thunderbird basically), and I need something similar in order to have exchange compatibility.

@selea I definitely used to set up some self-hosted stuff, but that was a good 14 years ago... not sure if it'd still work. Will see if I can find any of my old notes.


I tried something that was supposed to work with old exchange, but my devices did not like it :(

However, I just found this:

Maybe it works, but it looks wonky

@selea Yes, this is excellent and I've used it a bunch, but as I said not for *years*

@selea I have a number of SRV/TXT records in my DNS that covers all of the autodiscover clients I've tried so far. But I haven't tried a stand alone SoGo with them, mine is bundled.


Yeah I have that too, but the built in support for Exchange in :popos: does not check the SRV records at all..

@selea Ah, I get it. Guess I don't have a good one then.

@selea Mailcow, I switched to it about 6 months ago. I'm really liking it so far for an aio solution.


Ah I was just skimming thru the docs there.
I use iRedmail

@selea I've looked at iRedmail a few times over the years and I always seem to pass on it but I never remember why. Probably just getting caught in something shiny.

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