I have realized that I have not done any proper , it seems like something you have to do here ;)

GNU+Linux user since I was 9 years old, now working with it full time on a ISP, thus fulfilling my childhood dream that basically was "working with The Internet".

Married, having 3 kiddos. Living in Sweden.
Interested in and hardware.

When it comes to politics, I rather not talk or discuss it at all, I dont even want to read about it because that only makes me mad

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@selea you know the expression: its better to be late than later 😄

So a late warm welcome!

@selea hi @selea, I am glad to know you are using Trisquel. Now I just realized, you are a Trisquel Forum member, right? I am a member and my nickname there is Malsasa. I also remembered that I had ever heard address from

Please, could you inform me what is your favorite thread from Trisquel Forum? Thanks! And sorry for being not polite.

#freesw #GNUlinux #trisquel


Hi there :)
I have been using Trisquel the last 18 month - both at home and at work and I am supersatisfied :)
And yes, I am a member of the Trisquel forum, I have not posted much thou.

Do you use Trisquel too?

@selea hello Selea, yes I am using Trisquel. I recommend it to my students on my online classes. Glad to know you from Trisquel Forum!

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