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You're going to miss Google Plus? How about joining the #fediverse with #mastodon and many others! Even #Nextcloud now has an app that lets you join, follow and share with others. We're just getting started but you can get involved now!

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Just noticed I never did my #introduction toot! Here goes

Hello, I’m @plasticScript! I recently got into FOSS and internet privacy and am very interested in it. I’ve replaced most of my services with FOSS alternatives. Happy to be here!

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The Metrics Team (where I work) at Tor Project is hiring a third team member. We're looking for someone that will work with helping us design and refine systems for gathering and analyzing data. This can be a remote position.

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Q: Why do mountain climbers rope themselves together?
A: To prevent the sensible ones from going home.

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@feoh @TheGibson
I have similar experiences
>What, you don't use google? But it's free!
>What, why don't you use whatsapp?
(deleted it right now after a few days of locking all non-running web access)
>Why do you pay for your cloud?
>Why do you download everything?

People call me paranoid when I'm just trying to have privacy in my own home. If I'm providing information, I wanna know who's asking.

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Solar powered micro datacenter in the work: the autonomous Datashedter ( need a better name, or sleep a bit more before naming things ... )

- 400W solar panels on top and a bunch of batteries for up to 4 days operations in the dark.
- Fiber uplink to main building.
- Wifi backup Uplink.
- the 3 Ham antennas in the picture are used for emergencies at crazy distances in case of all down in a 150-1000miles radius ( 1k miles is very very low bandwidth ofc ).

- DYI isolation in the work
- Moar shelves inside and probably power box overhaul.
- Testing/testing/testing.
- Migrating some services there ?

it should be fun to self host stuff :)

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I just created a #BASH #script to convert a #Markdown file into PDF, EPUB, and ODT files using pandoc. It automatically adds metadata like title, author name, and date to the epub files.

#Programming #FreeSoftware #GPL #GNULinux #OpenSource #Writing

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HUGE new NYT investigation about location data. Your whereabouts (home, school, church), pulled from apps on your phone, then sold to advertisers and even hedge funds. A weather app is doing an alarming amount more with your data than providing a forecast.

Original tweet:

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Being alone in the office, with the fridge full with beer is something that is wonderful and a truly a blessing
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Hey Mastodonians, #GNUSocial citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the #fediverse in just one click!

Join the global social network!
#mastodon #selfhosting #federation

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SuperTuxKart boosts up its in-game visuals.

SuperTuxKart, the famous and fantastic free software kart racer, featuring the prominent Linux mascot Tux.

The game is in inspiration of the likes of Mario Kart.

Check it out ==>
#gaming #linux #opensource #freesoftware #SuperTuxKart #Tux

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I once embraced UBNT and Unifi, but the AP's sucks, and the switches is dangerous. I understand why people and companies prefer Cisco.

Spanning Tree is a joke, and it is more of a joke on a Unifi switch,

The worst thing a company can buy for their Enterprise Network is a Unifi Switch

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Bering on-call is OK, bit it is not OK when I have to deal with Windows servers, because I dont know how to fix them lol

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