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Does anyone know any that is in need of ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

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I have realized that I have not done any proper , it seems like something you have to do here ;)

GNU+Linux user since I was 9 years old, now working with it full time on a ISP, thus fulfilling my childhood dream that basically was "working with The Internet".

Married, having 3 kiddos. Living in Sweden.
Interested in and hardware.

When it comes to politics, I rather not talk or discuss it at all, I dont even want to read about it because that only makes me mad

Opinion about Tusky and others blocking certain domains 

People generally compare Mastodon and other such software with emails. With that analogy clients like Tusky/Fedilab are similar to email clients that lets you connect to certain domains(IMAP and SMTP server in emails).

I have never seen any email client that doesn't let you connect to certain domains, just because those domains endorse "extremist" views.

@kemonine lol, you warned me many months ago to self-host docker images, and here we are today, with docker hub pricing plan changes where they are significantly limiting plans (6month retention, and 100pulls per 6 hours)

↓This is some vaporwave shit bro ↓

:vim: :win3_cdrom: :www_server:

Take me out :win3_shut_down:

Still looking for a (PHP) job...
Preferably on something ethical and in The Netherlands...

Another website( ) that generally writes news about GNU/Linux, free software, open-source software, writing about proprietary garbage without even mentioning that it's proprietary. [cloudflare]

Of the three layers, only the UI layer is closed-source. This means that roughly 92% of the browser’s code is open-source [...] only 5% is our UI closed-source code.

If Vivaldi browser is so close to being released under a unified open-source license, why isn’t it?

The Vivaldi UI is truly what makes the browser unique.

so....... you're telling me the *central essence* of the #vivaldi browser that makes it what it is is "being a proprietary product"?

certainly sounds like it.

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If had fallen asleep in 2001 and woke up now...

Google owns a monopoly on browsers.

Microsoft owns a defacto monopoly on the servers where almost all of FOSS is located and development is done.

Micosoft's IDE is also what all the Kool Kids are using and is rapidly taking over.

ISP's are a monopoly in most locations in the USA: Comcast, AT&T, and a few others, but many places have just one (1) choice. South Korea (and indeed much of the world) has far better residential and mobile internet connectivity than the USA.

Almost all the servers on the internet are running Linux.... but owned by Amazon, Inc. and rented to people on an hourly basis.

All the personal devices are running either Linux or FreeBSD, but owned and closed down by Apple or Google and cellular carriers.

One of the most dominant languages is JavaScript. Some of other most dominant languages are owned by Google, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Steve Jobs is dead, Bill Gates is retired, and RMS has been run out of town on a rail for being a creep.

Endless September has been extended to a large portion of the world, who is all online and trolling each other relentlessly on massive privately-owned walled-garden fora owned by corporations. Elections have been turned by desinformatsaya purposely spread via these fora and there's no way to stop it.

Some routing issues with the CDN,, investigating with the provider.

Trying out qutebrowser, I like it so far!
I can imagine how nice it is once I learn all the keybinds!

"They killed entire threat management team. Mozilla is now without detection and incident response.

Tristan, Alicia, Lucius, even our new director are gone"

excuse me what the fuck . jpg

I'm considering buying my first ever laptop this year. What would you buy and why?

Firefox market share vs Mozilla Foundation chair salary for last year financials are available (2018)

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So. Mozilla Foundation is letting go of 250 people. I find this ironic considering the fact that the Executive Chairwoman and CEO of the Mozilla Foundation Mitchell Baker have been paid a total of 9 203 837 USD between the years 2012 and 2018 while they're begging for donations, because they're "non-profit" and they "rely on donations".

#Mozilla #Firefox

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