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FOSS/tech company secret plan (Don't open if you're Bill Gates or Tim Cook!!) Show more

I have tried for a couple of days, and the question that I have now is "why did I not use this earlier?"

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@aral Exactly. While the technical benefits from the protocols Google design are attracting, I don't know what the weaknesses are - and I definitely don't have the resources to investigate.

Will HTTP/3 aka HTTP/QUIC make it easier for Google to track anything they want? Will the complexity of the protocol lead to implementer monopoly, giving them control of all of our network usage?

I don't know, I don't know how to find out, and I don't want to risk it.

"I'll do it later"

*Five years later*

"Oh, I forgot"

yeah got accepted as a official debian mirror

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I have asked my ISP about all the data they have about me, could be interesting.

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"protocol that's been called HTTP-over-QUIC for quite some time has now changed name and will officially become HTTP/3"

What is the best way to tell a neighbour that we can very clearly hear them having a good time?

I mean, I often wake up because they are so loud.
Both of them work at the same supermarket, and I think that the dude there is the boss of that place too.

I have some ideas:
Printing out a massive poster where I just ask them to be not so loud and put it on their frontdoor.

Or just tell them next time I buy some shit and dont care if alot of people in the line will hear me

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