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Does anyone know any that is in need of ?
I do mirror the popular ones already at but I am looking into helping out smaller that does not have the money or capacity to spend on bandwith.

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I have realized that I have not done any proper , it seems like something you have to do here ;)

GNU+Linux user since I was 9 years old, now working with it full time on a ISP, thus fulfilling my childhood dream that basically was "working with The Internet".

Married, having 3 kiddos. Living in Sweden.
Interested in and hardware.

When it comes to politics, I rather not talk or discuss it at all, I dont even want to read about it because that only makes me mad

I like it when even Cloudflare starts to de-Google-ify.

"We recently migrated from Google's reCAPTCHA to the independent hCaptcha. It helps address a privacy concern inherent to relying on a Google service..."

Just requested for deleting my Amazon account. Can't believe how complicated they have made the process( If you are wondering why you should delete your's too, here a well documented explaination: Here's what to do:
1. Call to customer service.
2. Talk to someone from customer service and explain them why you want to delete.
3. They will ask for your email address.
4. They send you an email with a link to visit to delete your account page.

Kinda sucks that this entire project (at work) is stuck only because I miss ONE CABLE!!!

CERT-SE:s veckobrev v.15

Ett pΓ₯skΓ€gg kommer laddat med nyheter frΓ₯n CERT-SE. Mycket Covid-19 Γ€ven denna vecka, men vi har ocksΓ₯ grΓ€vt fram lite annat matnyttigt.

I am so damn triggered by #Zabbix right now. Whoever designed its trigger, item, function, and discovery syntax did bad and should feel bad.

Function use in a trigger:
source.item.func(param1, param2)

*Same* function use in a calculated item:
func(source.item, param1, param2)

Wiki: "use calculated items to debug triggers".

Screw you with a sizeable cactus. Not only are you using two different syntaxes for confusingly similar things, you also tell me to test one with the other.


BOFH excuse #151:

Some one needed the powerstrip, so they pulled the switch plug.

A representative from #Session was recently on The Privacy, Security, and OSINT Show and…I have to say…I think it's time to throw #Signal out.

I can't stand Moxie
I can't stand OWS
Signal requires a phone number
It's a centralised service

Session is

Not created by Moxie
Not developed by OWS
Doesn't require a phone number
Is decentralised by design
Is a fork of Signal with all of their wonderful encryption
Desktop will be a first-class citizen

So has started to offer a free (50GGB maximum traffic).
What does think?

Personally, I have no idea how good namecheap is to protect users data

@selea I recentIy wrote about this in my blog, and since that also colaborate with Rosetta, but I'm not in any group!

@hund I think what he's saying is look at what we have done with our small team. Come help us do more. @selea

In 2016 I wrote this #dutch resource on creating a #privacy box using #i2p #tor and #privoxy on a raspberry pi #rpi. It's still very accurate. Since privacy is more important now than ever, take a peek!

@i2p @i2p @torproject

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