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I have realized that I have not done any proper , it seems like something you have to do here ;)

GNU+Linux user since I was 9 years old, now working with it full time on a ISP, thus fulfilling my childhood dream that basically was "working with The Internet".

Married, having 3 kiddos. Living in Sweden.
Interested in and hardware.

When it comes to politics, I rather not talk or discuss it at all, I dont even want to read about it because that only makes me mad

NFTs are about money, not art. They do not serve the best interests of artists, and it's increasingly common to hear of artists who've had their art stolen by NFT sites. If you're thinking of getting into NFTs, *please* research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.

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Why did the internet tell me to install xampp? When installing the packages separately was so much better. Hmmm?? I had to reinstall ubuntu to clear the mess I had made πŸ˜… I am very much a PHP noob, thank you.

Hah, they’re still going… so, ok, crypto bros, you want to create a self-populating douchebag registry, who am I to stand in your way?

Here’s a live list of spammer emails that you can use to protect your own apps, etc.

#web3 #web0

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Is there any alternativt to the client?
It really sucks for people with a large amount of files (me)..

Mouting the drive with WebDAV is slow also,

Which one is the best GNU/Linux for a new user?

Let's talk about NFTs! (Thread will be continued in unlisted toots below this one.)

With so many new users arriving on .art fleeing Twitter and their support of NFTs, I thought it might be a good time to talk about .art's stance on NFTs. While users are allowed to share their NFT art on here, as Curator I will never boost it, and .art will never integrate with anything NFT related and will not encourage or promote any NFT-related content.

I totally forgot that I set my profile picture as BonziBuddy at my job, apparently it was migrated over to Microsoft 365.

That may explain why my meetings has been good for the last weeks

Birdsite now allows for NFT profile pics, and they are "soft hexagons" instead of circles:

That story again: Birdsite launches a welcome feature simplifying spotting and blocking of coinbros.

whats the highest spec thinkpad that can be librebooted and run fully libre distros

Chicken helmets are currently 22% off at AliExpress; I thought you might want to know.

We pay to Steam, Netflix, Amazon prime, Spotify. But not to Wikipedia,, Librivox, Project Gutenberg, for our favourite Linux distro.

The huge asymmetry between corporate and community has not emerged naturally. It is a product of our choices of not supporting community oriented projects.

The short conveniences vs the long-term good. We always chose the former.

In face of surveillance capitalism, we must and must change.

Can anyone explain to me why #OpenOffice still exists after these years of making no progress at all? Seriously. I do not understand why the #ApacheFoundation is still spending (minimal) resources to fix some bugs and keep the project alive while in the end it's going nowhere. No Linux distribution known to me ships with OpenOffice. And what's the point, when there is #LibreOffice? 🀷

I can't find a single reason to use WhatsApp instead of Matrix.

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