Trying to compile LibreELEC for Switch. Hopefully it works...?

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I have something funny to say but I'm pretty sure all of Poast is silently stalking everything I'm posting at the moment thanks to my GitHub getting out.

So waiting it shall be.

My friend asked me what my problem with Windows was. That was 2 hours ago. We just got to security.

He brought this on himself.

Going to install Aurora Services later. If I explode, now you know why

@ItsTrainingCatsAndDogs How do I get it through my brother's thick head that wolves and dogs don't have alphas? He literally makes our 11-week-old puppy sit and watch him eat to "assert dominance".

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Shooting at the Richfield Homecoming Game tonight. 2 people hit but no casualties. Lots of traumatized kids. 😱

Was casually spectating the Kiwi Farms Telegram and noticed someone found my GitHub page

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Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not. :ablobcatcoffee:

Might have to leave classes early for the day to get a strep test. 😔

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Meanwhile my nonprofit was asked to setup MediaWiki as we rescue an abandoned story archive, PLUS I need a new MariaDB server. Well, I have it, I just need to get it ready for production.

So. Much. To. Do!

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Here's what full fat milk does to you
The shirt is oversized

What is America's obsession with fat free milk? It's disgusting. It just tastes like milky water.

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