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If you (amateur developer) have recently released a new open source application and you want to increase your visibility, so more users can test (and contribute to) your app, do not hesitate and write me a message.

I would be happy to show more alternatives to proprietary software.

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You can help me and contribute to create a comprehensive list of Linux-related websites.

Just reply to this toot or open an issue on

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Since I am so into XFCE now, I wanna share these useful links for newcomers to the LEGO DE :D

1. Release model, in a nutshell, XFCE is rock solid every release and is released when it is stable enough

2. XFCE wiki, here are some interesting data

3. XFCE docs, if you wanna do CSS theming like I did

#linux #xfce #css

Window managers:

Your main computer is a...

has updated its mail, calendar, drive and VPN plans and also its design. Now I have 15GB of mail storage (from 5GB) and 10 addresses (from 5) with my Mail Plus plan (4.99€/month).

What email service do you use (Proton, Tutanota, Gmail,...)?

Do you use a program that has not been updated for a long time because there is no better option?

Tell us about a program (CLI or GUI) that you've discovered recently and everyone should know about.

has been recently updated.

86box is an x86 emulator focused on running older operating systems and software.

is an awesome app to do lossless audio/video editing: cut, add or remove audio tracks, concatenate files, and more.

It's available in all package formats most of you don't like (snap, flatpak, appimage), but it's open source, so you can build it if you want. (xD)

More info:

I think this is a good time ( to make this :

Choose a license:

CC0: no copyright, public domain
CC BY: attribution
CC BY-SA: attribution, share alike
CC BY-NC: attribution, noncommercial
CC BY-ND: attribution, no derivatives

Choose a license:

(tch•kav•ka) is an app to find and remove duplicated files, similar images, empty files/folders and other likely unnecessary files on your computer.

It's available on Flatpak, Snap and as an AppImage.

What solution do you use (rsync/rclone, borg, git, clonezilla, etc.) and where do you save your backups (usb, HDD/SSD, local/remote server, cloud service, etc.)?

'tee' command copies standard input to standard output and also to any files given as arguments.

- Save a list of all files inside a folder and also show the largest ones:
find . -type f -exec du -a {} + | tee file-list.txt | sort -nr | head -n 5

But you can also type a command instead of a filename using this syntax: >(COMMAND)

- Save a file list compressed and also show the largest ones:
find . -type f -exec du -a {} + | tee >(gzip -9 > file-list-compressed.gz) | sort -nr | head -n 5

Do you suspend, hibernate or shutdown your computer (desktop/laptop) when you are not going to use it for some time?

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