@redstarfish This is wonderful news!

Now if other government entities (local, regional, national) both in Germany and elsewhere look at that and the arguments behind it, how can they not follow suit?

@redstarfish "In the future, the administration will have to justify why open source software *cannot* be used for every proprietary software application.
Open Standards were established as a requirement for further digitalisation.
Politically unanimous in favor of Free Software"

These are all great news. And it should be this way. Hope other governments learn a lesson from them and do the same.

@redstarfish Good news. I am surprised so many governments put up with all the spyware. I was even more surprised that Munich council announced they were going the other way a couple of years ago.

@redstarfish Let's hope they keep that up longer than when they tried a similar move in Munich, Germany.

See here for a brief history of the LiMux project:

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