Yes, The name matters. It will always remind us how and why everything started. Use the term GNU/Linux instead of "Linux" .

@redstarfish yes, it is right and I agree with that. Also, I know the quotation you quoted, that I honestly love. Thanks for sharing.

@redstarfish I can appreciate this. I last used Ubuntu in 2008 and have been out of the community since. It is nice to learn of the history of GNU/Linux. Any word on incorporating this kind of language in URLs?

I don't completely understand your question but if you mean to read the phylosophy here's the link:

Also that screenshot is taken from the book, "Free Software, Free Society: 3rd Edition" by Richard Stallman, which you can read for free.
You can also visit,

Where you can read more about these.

@redstarfish Of course, there are systems out there that are Linux, but not GnuLinux. Other than Android, Alpine is a particularly common example in containers and services. Void Linux also has non-GNU variants.


Yeah sure there are non GNU systems that use Linux, the kernel. Even then I'd not call them "Linux system" but call them what their programmers choose like "Alpine Linux" and "Android".

Linux, the kernel is just another piece of software in POSIX complient system like many more other important components.

The request is mainly for people who are using GNU systems with Linux, the kernel to call it "GNU/Linux" so everyone get appropriate credit.

@redstarfish Or I could just call the system I use Artix. In the long run, if I start calling it Gnu/Linux/Runit/KDEPlasma/Grub/ZFS/Mesa/Clang/Xorg/Fish/Arch/Artix to actually give everyone appropriate credit, it would get unwieldy fast. Or I could just give three groups credit by calling it Artix Gnu/Linux, but that seems unfair with the sheer number of different groups who contributed to the system I'm running now. Just calling it Artix would let people go and look themselves at what composes an Artix system.
@kazriko @redstarfish

Calling "Atrix" would be a fine choice. But the projects you mentioned are all secondary contributors.

(Side note, you mentioned some distributions such as Atrix, Arch. They are *distributions* of the GNU/Linux Operating system. They just package different component to make it a whole system distribute it)

It's expected that the project's principle contributor gets a mention. And the principle contributor is GNU Project and the system is basically GNU.
(See )

Since a long name such as GNU/X11/Apache/Linux/Tex/Perl/Python becomes absurd, at some point you'll have to set a threshold, so whatever you set it., we won't argue against it.

Different threshold level would lead to different choices of name for the system. But one name that cannot result from concern of fairness and giving credit, not for any possible threshold level, is "Linux". It can't be fair to give all the credit to one secondary contribution (Linux) while omitting the principle contribution ( GNU ).

@redstarfish btw i think that all this shit about stallman is happening because he is more or less the one person that will stand up to fucking microshaft and preserve the integrity of the os… i think sadly linus has a price, but i would hope not. i know richard has no price, and would tell bill gates to go fuck himself, but yeah.. thoughts? i may just be projecting here, but i think the man has tremendous integrity..

@redstarfish kind of funny seeing how this account is part of the domain "" and not "" but i digress


There are people who are kernel enthusiasts. Many people love Linux, the kernel and the penguin as its mascot. I see no problem me having an account in an instance who's owner loves Linux.

If Linux, the kernel had been proprietary software than it'd have been a problem. I will continue to use "linux" because gnu's selfish definition of operating system does not sway me in the slightest and when i speak of "linux" i also speak of distros that do not contain gnu software in them.

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