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@lineageos updated once more. If you're worried about or you're considering to your personal it use this a step to so: check devices supported at LineageOS wiki, choose yours or buy a a 2nd hand model and follow the instructions

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Dissabte, a partir de les 16:30, celebrem el Dia de la Llibertat del Programari a Barcelona.
Lloc: Espai Jove BocaNord Agudells, 37-45 08032 – Barcelona Metro Línia 5 El Carmel (accessos adaptats) Autobús: V21, 39, 19, 86, 87 Nocturn: N4


Why KDE isn't the default desktop in Linux distributions? Although is an excellent software
After reading the public note from KDE on GNOME foundation and its obvious criticism towards it I recommend read what a KDE collaborator explains on his own experiencehttps://old.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/x8m0bt/why_do_none_of_the_major_distros_have_kde_plasma/injemm2/

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En este boletín nos adentramos en el desarrollo del software del móvil Librem 5 y de #Phosh, el popular entorno gráfico para los móviles Linux. ¡Y vuelven los stands informativos! Estamos contentos de debatir de nuevo en persona sobre el Software Libre.


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A broad alliance of 13 organisations from the fields of environmental protection, digital policy, development cooperation and academia publishes a catalog of demands to show political solutions towards a more sustainable digital society. This as a prelude to the upcoming conference for digitization and sustainability "Bits & Bäume".


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New blog entry "How to read your e-mail headers" at jan.wildeboer.net/2022/09/E-Ma - Depressing :( Comments on this toot will show up on my blog - #mastodon magic! Twitter friends - Well, sorry. But nope.

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If you cannot install the software you want on your own device – you don’t own it. Full letter to EU legislators: fsfe.org/activities/upcyclinga

New signatures:

✅ Wikimedia Portugal
✅ Electronic Frontier Finland
✅ Aukfood

@aukfood #ecodesign #RighttoRepair #FreeSoftware

I higly recommend to read the latest messages from @lorenzofb in order notice how is attacked in also being under the protection

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Lucas Lasota on the concentration of power in tech and its restrictive power over our devices. There is a better way: Device Neutrality allows a better connection between #FreeSoftware and Hardware.


Quote: "The models are a terrifying warning. A limited war between Pakistan and India that uses just three percent of the world’s nuclear weapons could kill a third of the Earth’s population"
From: podcast

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When you have a practical css problem and ask on social networks (I don't have Facebook since many years):

- Mastodon: Here are solutions to copy/paste, you're welcome.
- Twitter: Let us discuss the influence of US corporations on the internet and my personal life. And you suck.

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The last repos I had on GItlab.com are now fully transferred to other platforms including #Codeberg. The @codeberg migration tool is amazingly snappy and super easy to use. Basically it took careful selection of what goes to what platform, and then running the following on all the local instances:

git remote set-url origin git@codeberg.org:mehrad/????.git

I also deleted my essential repos from #Gitlab . Now they can save all those spaces they need.

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If you haven’t yet, check out our hosted Image Builder utility! It allows you to create standardized Red Hat Enteprise #Linux systems with an interface or even an API! red.ht/3P99PZf #rhel #sysadmin

Clesrview, surveillance, lawsuit against them and all we're fully under the consequences without know it and without consent

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El corazón de África muere de SIDA, tuberculosis y malaria. Todas enfermedades sociales. Orgullosos que #gnuhealth ayude a profesionales y centros de salud en Camerún, Gabón y otros países del continente a mejorar la calidad de vida de su población. ¡Seguimos! ✊#MedicinaSocial @gnusolidario

Dealing with the "leap second" it makes me realized once more how important are the open standard, international & non private organization for the sake of public interest. BTW get notice how far a single second consequences already has impacted us


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