The famous advertising and search engine company urged in its own country by they government to stop the geo data collected from the citizens

Thanks to @lorenzofb

Bad news, FairEmail has stopped its development and there will be no further releases due to tagging as a malicious software in the app store used b the majority of the users. Detailed FAQ by the developer at

It's still usable and you can download but it's stopped as it is. We all lose. I'll look for an alternative that fits with the respectful and / compatible

Now in the USA, tomorrow in ? I hope @EUparliament and the achievements by the keep us conscious of another threat for a massive and uncontrolled surveillance scenario


What improvements would like the proton users? Most are predictable and one surprises the company : should fight for privacy and freedom beyond technology

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Tota l'activitat de la @fsfe al nostre abast en la web

All the @fsfe activity at our hands at its web event page

@linuxfoundation and @theopenssf joint efforts to make more secure


Consider using on your mobile device for example @lineageos

Last discover shows that the iOS keeps turned on the wifi and Bluetooth even when you think the phone has been switched off

By allowing they track you, you're exposing something so personal (even intimate) as your ordinary behavior, consequently too, your opinions, preferences, info from people closest to you... Do you grant this to a totally unknown with unexplained purpose?
(I don't find it on @eff )

As long as you agree with Moby or you don't it's worthy to listen why he's vegan (and there're very good reasons behind it). Nowadys it's told "being out of confort zone", whatever reason, it's good to question ourselves and listen differente ideas.

from "Moby Doc" by Moby himself: “take my confusion and try to make it beautiful the art of music is a short of self-healing”

To respond to this increased exposure of Europe to cyber threats... (the directive) strengthens cybersecurity requirements imposed on the companies, addresses security of supply chains and supplier relationships

I listened and you'll find the ethical implications on what an AI decides, how does it impact in our personal life and more!
Didn't find the toot for

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Check out the recent episode of where are own talks about Red Hat Enterprise #Linux 9! #RHEL

¿Habéis leído el artículo de opinión de @minipetite el sábado en @el_pais? Recomendable. Las tecnologías de espionage se vuelven contra ciudadanos y los propios gobiernos

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