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I am done capitalizing i in the middle of sentences. If it's at the beginning i will. Otherwise it's a waste of a keystroke...

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My first official toot.

I come to Mastodon as an escape from facebook. I will try to cut it out 100%. Maybe some friends will follow. I'll post all sorts of things some personal some tech/linux related.

Been a linux user for about 15 years left windows behind.(as much as possible)

I run Arch currently but have used Gentoo,Funtoo,Ubuntu and others.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. I know little on the programing side but am trying to learn some of that as well.

Thanks for reading.

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If anyone reading this is looking for an alternative RSS feed reader/service at no cost I am willing to setup some of you on my tt-rss instance. The VPS I have should be able to handle a decent number of users.

Also I would be willing to give a few of you some space on my Nextcloud instance as well. Like 10 or so users 10gb each.

I realize not everyone can afford to self host or wants to for that matter so I'm offering what I can. Just send me a PM here and we'll settle things.

Pleroma admin question 

First post from

Hello! Now to customize this interface somehow...Also 5000 character limit what ever will i do with that lol

does a wildcard ssl cert not cover the root domain...

So my pleroma instance will be hosted on 😜 πŸ˜€ :blobrainbow: Just got the domain now to get pleroma setup

oh i think i have a name.
time to sleep on it to make sure it's not completely stupid.

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And then there's the question

will people follow my new account..

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So i've been struggling all day...

1. Do i make a mastodon or pleroma instance.
Pretty much settled on pleroma

2. Come up with a not to personalized domain
This part is what i'm really struggling with...i want something unique but not too much so that it makes it uninviting for others(friends/family) to make accounts...

I've had a few ideas...i'll come up with something tomorrow(i hope)

February Community Update: production currently at a stand-still - expect production delays; #pinebookpro NVMe new adapter + fix; growing OS choice; #PinePhone software status; phone FCC+CE certification; #PineTab delayed (again); and much more.

Lies in IT:
β€’ Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
β€’ Trivial File Transfer Protocol
β€’ Portable Document Format

First(ever) journal entry just over 380 words. Let's see if this helps me and if I can really commit to it.

As a reminder when reading our news you can keep your ad block on. You can expect no adverts and nothing is going to pop up or under or redirect you.

Want to keep it that way? Support us here:


Looking for an android app, preferably from Fdroid, to use my phone as a second camera for OBS Studio. I've heard of ip webcam and Droidcam but want something opensource.

Any suggestions?

Typing 'dmesg | tail' after you plug in usb storage will give you its
partition name (ex: /dev/sdb1) simplifying the mounting process.

Please boost.

Anybody interested in a commission for some art I need for an ONI? You know, Japanese magical ogre demon?

WTF. someone just threw a stress ball at my back as i was walking back into my office...fucking ass!!!

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