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I am done capitalizing i in the middle of sentences. If it's at the beginning i will. Otherwise it's a waste of a keystroke...

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My first official toot.

I come to Mastodon as an escape from facebook. I will try to cut it out 100%. Maybe some friends will follow. I'll post all sorts of things some personal some tech/linux related.

Been a linux user for about 15 years left windows behind.(as much as possible)

I run Arch currently but have used Gentoo,Funtoo,Ubuntu and others.

Don't hesitate to ask questions. I know little on the programing side but am trying to learn some of that as well.

Thanks for reading.

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If anyone reading this is looking for an alternative RSS feed reader/service at no cost I am willing to setup some of you on my tt-rss instance. The VPS I have should be able to handle a decent number of users.

Also I would be willing to give a few of you some space on my Nextcloud instance as well. Like 10 or so users 10gb each.

I realize not everyone can afford to self host or wants to for that matter so I'm offering what I can. Just send me a PM here and we'll settle things.

What if we put Beavis' head on top of Megaman's body! 

Googled a problem that one of my users is having this morning. Found a forum post with someone describing the exact same issue. Follow up post says "It's OK, our IT guy fixed it".

Now I want to know what the hell their IT guy searched for ...

The real deadly virus of the human race are the corporations I tec, Google amazon Facebook Apple and Microsoft.

These criminal companies are Satan on earth, they are destabilizing the world, destroying democracies and making their users Digital Zombies.

A worldwide mobilization is needed to dismantle them and prosecute all the mobsters working on their boards of directors.

Is anyone able to help shed some light on where i went wrong or what i'm missing with my SourceHut Git setup?

If you install libofono-qt and qt5-feedback you also get calls to work. But call-audio is still a work in progress!

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This account and instance is highly sus.

Block this user and instance.

So far they are following my peeps on

Also, don't forget, you can subscribe to my Patreon for weekly/bi-weekly updates on my work for as little as a dollar

Or if you'd rather just have all of my music as I release it at no extra cost, plus exclusive content and my oldest stuff without the updates, you can subscribe on my Bandcamp for 5 bucks

Pleroma admin question 

First post from

Hello! Now to customize this interface somehow...Also 5000 character limit what ever will i do with that lol

does a wildcard ssl cert not cover the root domain...

So my pleroma instance will be hosted on 😜 😀 :blobrainbow: Just got the domain now to get pleroma setup

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