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Überall Paywalls auf deutschen Medienseiten? Das muss nicht sein! Diese Browser-Erweiterung ersetzt die Paywall durch den Artikeltext – gerade sogar kostenlos! 🤨➔🧵 (von Stefan W.)

I've just uploaded the latest track in my electronic instrumental music series, "Digital Humanities Soundtracks" to my solo project, Transits of Mars.

This is #6: "Text Mining for Beginners".

Free to stream and download on @SoundCloud

The internet has always been a cruel place.

Wizards especially.

From the excellent latest instalment of Aaron Reed's

This was the first release for my solo music project, Transits of Mars: "The Voices of Machines".

Still one of my faves.

Created with and .

Very helpful article from @itsfoss

There have been times over the past years that I've had to do this (in order to, say, re-install a different Linux Distro), and there are a few pitfalls to avoid (usually involving the bootloader).

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@gcrkrause has kindly mirrored my music to FunkWhale. It's missing some more recent releases, but still - there's a lot of my work available for listening there, on a FOSS, self-hosted platform
#unfa #FunkWhale #Music

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Just spent some time working out a little keybinding in emacs and found this page _very_ useful.

(The book is also good!)

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Here's one of my longer ambient/electronic compositions, "Space Station (Part 1)". Created with and .

This is one of the articles I read recently (though it's from 2019) that got me interested in the and related ideas.

It's one of the most inspiring things I've read in a while.

Was discussing this song with a friend today. It's one of those that immediately transports me back to my teenage years.

In a good way, I mean.

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