I will eliminate proprietary software from my Arch Linux system for the following weak. Long live the FLOSS!

Operating System Concept is such a comprehensive book to read! I learnt lots of things like NFS, main memory allocation algorithms, RPC and so on.

Projects that say "we can stay on #github because we're not like #youtubeDL really" are as foolish and selfish like so-called 'journalists' who said #wikileaks "was different" and "not my problem". #deletegithub

ive been seeing a lot of mirrors of the youtube-dl source, which is great, but i think the more difficult issue is actually developing the software further. since there's no primary location for issues tracking or discussion, itll be hard to make and propogate changes. maybe they could go the linux/git route and use a mailing list?

Hey, a nice day to toot my first arrival to this instance!

I use arch btw


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