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CNN - This summer (July 16), every state will be rolling out 988 as the new National Suicide Prevention Lifeline number to call for mental health crises - similar to how people can call 911 for medical emergencies.

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Robots! 🤖 I have no problem with the concept of automated posts. Most of the time I enjoy clicking through and gaining insight into information I'm interested. What bugs me are the six, eight, maybe 10 posts in a row - back-to-back. Why not space them out by 15 minutes each? When they are grouped together - hijacking my feed - I'm less likely to read. I guess I could simply unfollow the account.

Another quick question for people who speak and write in languages other than English: Do you get upset when people use translation software to reply to your posts if they are not native speakers/writers? Why or why not?

If y'all could boost this post so that I can get more responses from people who speak/write English and at least one other language, that would be great! #CommunityDevelopment

We have very heavy water (high mineral content) where we live. It's hell on our coffee maker. We've been through 4 machines in the past 12 months.

Decided to get a water filter pitcher. Here are our TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) score before and after testing our water (240 vs 000). BTW: Anything over 150 is not preferred.

Got another notice for you...

QUOTE: The , along with and state and local partners, are investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Senftenberg infections linked to certain Jif peanut butter products produced at the J.M. Smucker Company facility in Lexington, Kentucky.

I want to use one of my old Android phones as a pet-cam. Can you suggest an open source Android app APK to use? I don't want cloud storage or anything fancy - just the ability to access the pet-cam over my home WiFi. Thanks :blobcatrainbow:

Dear open source users,

If the author of your favorite open source app has announced they stopped developing and supporting the app (because they're frustrated and possibly burned out), please don't suggest they do more free work so that you can continue using the app.
Instead, consider thanking them for their past work and let them know that you enjoyed their app.

another open source developer

»#Castopod is a free & open-source hosting platform made for podcasters who want engage and interact with their audience. … Castopod is part of the Fediverse, a decentralized social network«

Laptop has been off for a few days. When I booted up a few minutes ago I have 43 upgrades from !

Ran update and upgrade and no error messages. Woot!!

It would be great if there was a small icon in the list of followers showing if I follow them back.

As you might have seen, the donation links are back :blobcatcoffee:

If you appreciate FediFollows (or my other accounts @feditips or @FediVideos) you can send one-off donations at:

You don't need to register on ko-fi. It says euros but it works with any currency. The minimum donation is 1 euro (about $1.05 or £0.84).

Alternatively, you can do recurring donations via @Liberapay at: 🔁

Thanks! :ablobcatheartsqueeze:

For those who don't know...

#Husky is still maintained, I'm still working on it!


Fuck me, the university is killing the domain for the computer club (still quite active, literally one of the biggest mirrors for free software in northern europe in terms of bytes served), and with it a) this mastodon domain (that'll be another fun headache to figure out) b) the e-mail I've been using for all sorts of personal and accounts-based uses for the last 15+ years.

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