UnifiedPush support has been merged into Element Android!

Element is the flagship @matrix client and one of the biggest apps that will soon support UnifiedPush!

#UnifiedPush #element #matrix #pushnotifications #fdroid

Anyone with access to MacOS 13, Ventura, Beta who'd be willing to help me test something in safari, please?

Plasma 5.25 is out! This release introduces A LOT of new things: new gestures, both for touchpads and touchscreens; more customizing, including tinted windows, and synced colors and wallpapers; floating panels; and much more.


I can't find my PGP master key 😭 (airgapped USB and/or paperkey)

Controversial opinion 

@karmanyaahm I have no problem with that -- in fact I wrote a full blog post about it yesterday -- I just hope that people do not forget the ultimate goal once the hardware side gets passed around the world.

i wonder if ML models that are cross-modality (can process text *and* images) have the kiki-bouba effect

For some reason, other languages use printf-like syntax: Java, Python (the new syntax is still closer to printf than to streams). Only C++ inflicts this verbose abomination on innocent human beings.

- quant_dev

People who approximate pi as 3 make me irrationally angry. I can't express even a fraction of the rage it induces.

By popular request, I have decided to devote the rest of my life making XML-Python, the most efficient way to write Python

Lenovo Website:
"Processor: Intel i5"


📢 📢 📢 Today we publish an Open Letter from developers to the #Linux #community regarding shipping unfinished patches to users.

Shipping unfinished patches harms the user experience and slows down the review process in #FOSS projects to improve the patches.

You can read our Open Letter at: do-not-ship.it

If you agree with this letter, you can support it by signing it, see: do-not-ship.it/sign

#donotship #openletter #community #mobile #development #userexperience #opensource #PSA

I'm considering purchasing a machine with an Alder Lake cpu, and a NVidia card. Can anyone speak to how either of these are, with Linux, atm?

I know that there have been changes, lately; and I'm honestly shocked that I'm considering buying something that isn't team red.

Distro suggestions? Hoping to stay on Arch, but POP has some NVidia optimizations, iirc?

Just looking for guidance.

I hope everyone is doing well! Best wishes, and love!

I need to be able to play trap cards in group chats

I type in "x will respond to this message with y" and play it face down along with the message or after someone else's message and as soon as x does the thing the trap card is activated and they take 100 damage

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