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@alcinnz @matt @aral Are there any good rundowns of some of the different models for ways to make money in open source?

It seems to me like this is a critical issue that’s preventing businesses like Mozilla from being able to make the choice and commit to an more free and open model since they need money to pay employees and make profit and offer health insurance and things like that.

Alright people, Advent of Code is starting today. If you don't know what this is, you can check it out here:

It's basically an advent calendar where you get new problems to solve by using programming. As long as you get the right solution, it's all what matters. Beginners can also join in. The first days shouldn't be too difficult and are great practice. As for others, it might be an opportunity to try and pick up a new language

I made a leaderboard for fedi with this code: 718119-707e3848

The point system is a bit lame but what matters really is how many days you last doing those challenges. Of course there's no restriction on who can join. It'd be better though if we are able to tell which fedi user is behind which username on the leaderboard~

That's it, have fun!

This is the simplest yet most effective explanation of this topic that I have ever seen.

10 Gigabit Home Networking: How to Connect - Fiber vs Direct Copper vs RJ45 Twisted Pair - Dave's Garage

- wondering why my dns resolution isn't working
- must be something with the new ipv6 setup
- let me disconnect and reconnect the network interface


- i was connected over ssh

This is so cool!

Rust, WebAssembly, and the future of Serverless by Steve Klabnik

For example: If you ate your dinner under the unblinking gaze of a networked, remote-monitored video-camera 20 years ago, it was because you were in a supermax prison. Today, it's because you've been unwise enough to buy home cameras from Amazon, Google, or Apple.


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If somebody could just hire me to write little command line scripts in Python for the rest of my life, that would be great thanks

2391. Life Before the Pandemic 

title text: I can't wait until this is all over and I can go back to riding my horse through the mall.


One very cool thing about the Librem 5 compared to other phones is that when you run into a problem, all of the standard Linux troubleshooting techniques and tools work just like you'd expect. "This is UNIX. I know this."

Someone should make a Monopoly board game with Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Amazon icons.
Obviously, there isn't a jail...

Doing some low level programming. What I mean is that the level of my code is low.

next time someone needs a demonstration of the cut curb effect (e.g. how even the most selfish ablebodied people should want accessibility measures, because what is necessary for a disabled person is often really nice to have if you're ablebodied - for example, a cut curb may be there to make something accessible for people in wheelchairs, but if you're pushing a grocery cart or baby stroller they're also really handy), may i suggest: this meme

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