Vapad 0.4 released
* Russian, Spanish and German translations
* Application theme is persistant across settings
* Dropdown for opening recently used files
* Prompt for unsaved files when closing
* Overall better user experience with numerous smaller fixes

There's something really very satisfying about using tools that you've made yourself. I wrote a blog post this morning using Vapad. The second one, I might add. I'm doing some dogfooding with it, but what's nice is that I'm having a pretty good experience with it. Should be ready for a release again soon.

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I just wrote an article reviewing Linux distros by how effective their logos would be as weapons. Can you tell that I'm having fun today?

The Gfret repository now includes a "next" branch. For the next major release I'll be targeting Gnome rather than just generic Gtk. Looking to greatly simplify the code in the process by taking advantage of a many features built into the stack as possible, rather than constantly reinventing.

This program was my first foray into using Rust in anger. I still find it fun to tinker with.

Was thinking about apartment rentals and it occurred to me how crazy the entire concept actually is when you step back from it. I mean, there are wealthy people who own less wealthy people's homes and charge them money to stay there? And we allow this sort of thing?

I was skeptical of a few changes when Gtk4 first came out, and even more skeptical of libadwaita. But I'm coming around quickly. I may start targeting Gnome for all of my gui applications at this rate.

Added a recent items dropdown to the open button in Vapad this morning. This was done with another of the widgets provided via libadwaita. Of course I could have compisted together a button and a menu button and probably acheived the same look via css, but this turned out to be a nice api to work with.

Vapad (a simple Gtk4 text editor) is now translated into Russian. With the excellent contributions of @alex K on codeberg, the application is ready to be translated into other languages as well.

So here's a call to anyone interested in helping with translations. If you want to help, file an issue on the repo stating the language you would like to help with and whether you require any mentoring with the process.

Boosts welcome.

Vapad 0.3.0 released!
* Add theme switcher to main menu
* Add submenu for highlighting schemes
* Vi emulation mode
* Save settings via gschema
* Add context menu to update the syntax language if guessed incorrectly
* Use AdwWindowTitle for window title, allows setting title and subtitle

One word of caution to anyone considering trying vala, however. Don't look at the generated C code...

I love how quickly something can be thrown together in Vala. I'm glad that I took this detour and added it to the arsenal. But I do miss Rust at times, like when my vala code compiles without error but then misbehaves at runtime. Rustc saves a lot of time here. Not sure at this point which workflow is more efficient, because while writing it quickly and succincly is great, having the compiler force you to do it right might make up the difference.

I added a submenu to the editor's context menu in Vapad that allows you to set the highlighting language of the editor guesses it incorrectly when opening the file. At this point, the project is inching towards feature complete for what I envisioned.

Vapad now has experimental Vi emulation support. There are still a few keybinding conflicts to sort out, but it works reasonably well.

I think the resulting program is turning out very much like what I wanted; what would Leafpad look like if written today?

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One of the more interesting decisions I made for Vapad was that the program should not have a preferences dialog. It not only forced the concept of danger defaults even harder, but asks encouraged me to learn more about gtk4's revamped menu system, and how to bind properties to actions and create those little checkboxes and radio buttons in the menu.

Vapad 0.2.0 released. While this is still prerelease quality, the usability improvements are stacking up. Search and replace are working nicely, completions are integrated into the search bar for previously searched strings, and there are in app notifications using Adwaita's ToastOverlay widget, for notifying the user of various operations.

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This is not to say we can't make the tools better. We can and we should.

But we should not promote learned helplessness, either.

Let us make tools that people feel comfortable using as tools -- in other words, things that can help them make and shape the world around them.

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Lots of people talking about things related to tech being "too hard" for people and that somehow people shouldn't have to learn the tools of the modern times.

Carl Sagan had some thoughts about that:

Feels clunky to me to have an address bar inside a headerbar, doesn't really leave anywhere to grab in order to drag the window around. But I'm intrigued by what the BlackBox terminal did, placing the tabs in the headerbar.

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