I'm kinda concerned about the whole chromium adblock thing. Google is evil, but they're not stupid, and I think they'd only do this if they knew it wouldnt affect the immense amount of power they have in the space.
My guess is that we're at the "Extend" phase, and we'll see them move to "Extinguish" in the near future. Either that, or their involvement in the web this whole time has been a huge period of "Extend", and this is the first step in their "Extinguish".

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It's finally time! the 0xC.pad is available *now* from me (assembled) & four other vendors (as a DIY kit)!✨

➡️ s-ol.nu/0xC.pad/buy

It's a 12-key macropad with hexagonal keycaps that I designed as well. It runs on an integrated ATMega32U2 microcontroller and QMK out of the box.

This is the very first time I'm selling something I built with my own hands, so I'm super excited (and a bit nervous)! I'd really appreciate a retoot for this one ❤️

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This is a bit of a long shot, but does anyone happen to have that comic that floats around every now and then about shell scripts and some magic incantation you can put at the top to prevent it from doing bad things? It talked about stuff like halting the script when an error occurs or not interpreting nonexistent variables as empty strings

it turns out that the term "zero-cost abstraction" is actually a misnomer because they cost me my sanity

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When we're constantly losing pieces of our culture to DRM and proprietary services having their plugs pulled, it's nice to see something like this happening, even once.


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why cohost is problematic (long) :boosts_ok_gay: 

Okay, so let's talk about this cohost thing for a bit.

It sounds great on the surface - a small-scale, worker-owned, sustainable social media platform, run by some trusted people! Great, right?

Not so much, unfortunately. If you click through a bit, you'll find that it's run by "anti software software club llc", which claims to be a "non-profit software company". Except that's legally false (LLCs are not non-profit), and practically very unlikely to actually work out like you might think. In reality, it's an unaccountable power structure, and one that is bound to end in disaster.

They're not the *first* to do this - both YourAnonNews and npm (the JS package registry) have a very similar origin story. A small hobby project by some activist-minded people, trusted by the community, incorporated into a for-profit legal form to keep the lights on, promising to always keep serving the community. Of course, there's a reason I'm mentioning them - both of these projects turned into large unaccountable power structures that ended up doing far more harm than good, and significantly damaging a movement.

They scaled up, and whether through naivete or otherwise, the founders were unable to continue acting in the best interest of the community and broader society. Both of them became a blight on their respective communities, actively interfering with the efforts of others in that community to right the ship.

But they'd grown "too big to fail", too big and closed-down to replace or disavow. They ended up *controlling* the community rather than serving it.

A company is not a community. It is hierarchical; it has owners, employees, people with a specific role who decide how it gets run. This makes a worker-owned company a decent option when the decisions being made only affect the workers, as there's good representation.

But... that is not what's going on here! There is *no way* in which a worker-owned company can accurately represent the interests of a community of people *who do not actually work there*. Worker-owned companies are not magical fairy dust that guarantee equity and representation. You need actual community governance structures for that.

So... cohost is problematic. It is a power structure which is prone to abuse (deliberately or otherwise), not accountable to anybody, with no proper community governance model nor any real room in its incorporation form to *create* such a governance model, it is a proprietary and closed system that does not interoperate with other systems, and most worryingly of all it is a platform that becomes more valuable as it grows.

In other words: all the ingredients for a perfect storm of power abuses and harm several years down the line. Whether you personally trust the founders doesn't really change that - it's set up for failure from the very start, even assuming the best intentions.

As an activist community, we really need to do better on this - recognize such problematic power structures *before* they grow big enough to cause widespread harm, and encourage people to select governance models that *don't* suffer from these issues.

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Hello Fediverse!

We are KiCad, a cross platform and open source electronics design automation suite. We can help you make printed circuit boards.


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yooo my song "lift you up" is out today on inspected.

all streaming platforms + bandcamp

give it a listen :>


Kinda annoying that the stackoverflow survey lumps decentralization in with blockchain/cryptocurrency. I would've liked to say I was pro-decentralization while also being anti-blockchain.

@notthebee just a heads up, the end card of your latest video still has your twitter username (4 e's) next to the mastodon icon

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Meteor strikes seem to be the go-to for unforeseeable circumstances, but I feel like they're pretty easy to predict? I guess saying "unless I get an aneurysm" is a little too morbid?

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When you lib­er­ate pro­gram­ming from the require­ment to be gen­eral and pro­fes­sional and scalable, it becomes a different activity altogether, just as cooking at home is really noth­ing like cooking in a com­mer­cial kitchen.


oh wow, there's a trackball emoji, thats so cool 🖲️

moved a periodic group meeting from Zoom to Jitsi, and it went a lot more smoothly than I expected! makes me hopeful for the future of open source software usability by normies

My greatest achievement in the last year was getting a Wordle in 2 guesses. I'm still riding off that high.

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