everyones posting pictures of pies and its giving me quite the craving. i wonder if theres a noticable uptick of pie sales every year on pi day?

i was initially a little annoyed that mastodon hides engagement metrics like favorites, but i just started hiding youtube views/likes and its made me enjoy the platform a lot more (though it still sucks and i yearn for the day everyone swaps to peertube or something)

i fixed my glue+glass brick phone and i feel like a genius

still getting a phone with a removable battery once this one dies for good though

I swapped out about half of my computer today (gpu, mobo, cpu), and it broke a bunch of stuff. I'm especially frustrated because i decided to buy all the parts used, so I cant be certain that they all work perfectly to begin with. I'm gonna try reinstalling my os tomorrow, but if that doesnt work, ill probably have to buy another cpu or something.

Despite COVID, I can still do the things I consider to be my most important Thanksgiving traditions: eating whatever I want (2 lb of sushi), doing whatever I want (this year it's embedded rust), and sleeping whenever I want (6AM).

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The Internet Archive have added a WebAssembly-based Flash emulator to their emulation suite, and are preserving 2000s-vintage Flash games, playable in a modern HTML5-capable browser:


ive been seeing a lot of mirrors of the youtube-dl source, which is great, but i think the more difficult issue is actually developing the software further. since there's no primary location for issues tracking or discussion, itll be hard to make and propogate changes. maybe they could go the linux/git route and use a mailing list?

why is all caps associated with yelling? at what point did we decide thats how we were going to use the english language?

if the RIAA didnt want their videos to be downloaded, maybe they shouldn't have put them on the website that half of the world downloads videos from billions of times per day? oh, its ok when they're downloaded through a web browser but not through a command line application?

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Reminder to folks in the fediverse (more specifically new folks), add a profile picture to your account. It makes it a lot easier to remember who you are and gives less the impression of you just being a spambot or something.

Bonus: You're personally expressing yourself :)

Boosts encouraged

i was having issues with my raspberry pi a week ago and i just now realized it was because i `dd`'d a .zip file instead of the unzipped .img onto my sd card. proof that a CS/EE degree is worthless.

can we just like delete the linux audio stack and start over?

How do you groan in other languages? Like if someone says a bad pun or tells you to do something that you don't want to do? Is it 'ugh' in other languages too?

Is there a CC-like license where commercial use is only allowed if it is modified? Basically CC-BY-NC-ND + CC-BY-SA-OnlyDerivatives
I'm not sure what anyone would use it for, but it seems like a thing that should exist?

Are there more popular alternatives to wikiversity? I like the concept, but it seems like not a lot of people use it.

It turns out Uber did more or less what I wanted to do about 2 years ago. eng.uber.com/h3/
I personally really disagree with almost everything about Uber, but this one thing is 100% on my wavelength. I'm really not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, Uber isn't inherently good or bad, it's just an amoral entity created in and optimized for a flawed system. Should I be mad at Uber for abiding by unethical rules? or glad that they're able to do cool things despite these circumstances?

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