Are there more popular alternatives to wikiversity? I like the concept, but it seems like not a lot of people use it.

It turns out Uber did more or less what I wanted to do about 2 years ago.
I personally really disagree with almost everything about Uber, but this one thing is 100% on my wavelength. I'm really not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, Uber isn't inherently good or bad, it's just an amoral entity created in and optimized for a flawed system. Should I be mad at Uber for abiding by unethical rules? or glad that they're able to do cool things despite these circumstances?

Are there any FOSS language learning programs? 

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People need to know that they do NOT HAVE TO PAY for having a website, shell access, gopher site, free radio shows...
AND you do not have to pay by selling your soul and attention by advertizing!
Free - as in freedom/freespeech AND free as in free beer for decades are available at and at
Yes, they solicit donations, but not ravenously upon your attention span.
You can have a website. You can be a radio DJ with a scheduled show!! Come on! Boost!

Would any of y'all consider yourselves passionate about cartography? I have a couple ideas that I want to pass by someone who has a better understanding of maps than I do.

On the bright side, I learned how to script stuff for GIMP, which isn't immediately useful, but I'm sure it'll come back up at some point in the future

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I've spent the last 3 hours automating a desktop wallpaper toolchain that can load an image, add a colored outline, add a simple background pattern.
The original 3 wallpapers that I made in this stype took about 2 minutes each, which means for this to have been worth automating, I need to make 90 wallpapers.

Guess I better get started.

Sometimes I go back to Windows thinking it'll be different this time, and every time, I end up even angrier at Microsoft and propreitary software

I just had a weirdly vivid dream where I made a keyboard with keycaps made of watermelon. The action was a little heavy, though very satisfying. It was also very tasty, except the top row, which was a little underripe.

Adults who write everything in cursive should be prompted to reconsider their life choices

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How much space will be freed up once Britain leaves the EU? 

I feel like the fact that 'federated' is a buzzword for internet technologies is pretty silly. Shouldn't everything be federated? Isn't the point of the internet to be inter-networked?

One of the most motivating experiences in my life is passing by heavy traffic in a bus while working on my laptop.

After 12 hours of struggling, I've finally switched my desktop from ubuntu to arch, and the difference in touchscreen support between gnome 3.28 and 3.32 is incredible. These changes alone have made this whole change worth the effort.

I'm writing a technical paper on the terminology of modularity and I was wondering if anyone knew:

Are the parts of Voltron interchangeable? Like if one of the leg dudes wanted to be an arm, could they swap positions?

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From what I can tell, tabs vs spaces is basically LF vs CR LF in that its an easily convertable difference that mainly just exists because of legacy. We (kinda) solved one of these already, so how hard could the other be?
To avoid starting a civil war, I won't say which is the analog of which, but I think we all know deep down in our hearts.

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