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Release 1.0.10

You can now change the layout of tut on the fly with three new commands and leader actions.

* list-placement top | right | bottom | left
* list-split row | column
* proportions [int] [int]

Read more on about it on the release page. It also includes some bug fixes

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For almost five years, we have been doing the exercise of replacing stock OS on phones. We can tell first hand how oftentimes unnecessarily difficult/impossible it is. In the interest of reducing the insane amount of e-waste and truly being in control of our devices, we need laws that allow us to install any software on any device!

Thanks to @fsfe for writing a nice open letter about just that, we happily signed it:

Release 1.0.1

The new version is just two bug fixes
* When notification-feed=false is set the main feed is now displayed
* Tut will exit more nicely, so your terminal should now work

Get it via the releas page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut #linux #mastodon #vim

Release 1.0.0

The new major version is now released. It's mostly the code behind the scenes that has been changed so it will be easier for me to add new features and mange the project. But you can see some changes in the UI.

New features
* Streams = new posts instantly
* Confirmation before favorite, boost etc.

Read more on the release page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

sxmo - 1.9.0 

Oh btw, we did it :]

#sxmo 1.9.0 has been released this week-end !


- switch to pipewire and callaudiod
- less painful to support more devices
- superd to manage user daemons
- incall menus has been completly reworked
- probably some other awesome things I already dont remember of !
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Sxmo 1.9.0 has been released and should be in the postmarketOS edge repos soon. We added support for better daemon supervision via superd, pipewire/bluetooth enhancements, and now support a new classes of devices (ie. tablets)! We have added support for calling on new devices ie. poco f1.


Release 0.0.45

Tut know support themes, but right now there is only two themes. Feel free to make pull requests over at Github.

To test this feature add theme=nord under the style section in your config.

Read more one the release page

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

Release 0.0.43/44

Some bug fixes:
* Boosted statuses will now render again
* When you add new media to your toot it will now be selected in the list
* The autocomple function in the cmdbar will not make tut freeze

Check out the release at Github

#tui #terminal #cli #tut

Happy easter everyone! 🐰 While we can't ship everyone chocolate, we can release some new updates for the stable branch. So here's v21.12 SP4 with one new device, a bunch of kernel upgrades, backports of tweaks + powersupply and a lima workaround:

"Sxmo: Freedom on mobile devices through simplicity and hackability" by Anjandev Momi will be starting soon in the Jupiter room. Check this talk out and more via: #LibrePlanet

Pic from speaker Anjandev Momi, preparing for his talk later today on "Sxmo: Freedom on mobile devices through simplicity and hackability" 16:20 - 17:05 EDT (20:20 UTC). Details at

Great, the new album of is coming my way. I can't wait to hear all the songs.

> Guten Tag,
> wir haben Ihre Sendung ######## zum Transport erhalten.
> In der Sendungsverfolgung finden Sie rund um die Uhr die aktuellsten
> Informationen zur Sendung.
> Freundliche Grüße,
> Ihre Post

@linmob @bart

$ fwupdmgr get-devices WARNING: This package has not been validated, it may not work properly. Pine64 PinePhone (1.2) │ └─QUECTEL Mobile Broadband Module: Device ID: 976c4a39e87f61e6940ea6a8d39c583cfa99615f Summary: Quectel EG25-G modem Current version: 0.5.9 Vendor: QUALCOMM INCORPORATED (USB:0x2C7C) Release Branch: community GUIDs: db379a33-254f-5140-b37e-d36ae7e5c039 d18f31f1-a3fa-55a2-b4ed-decfbc1e004d 1a2996cb-f86e-5583-a464-e1b96e1c6ae9 587bf468-6859-5522-93a7-6cce552a0aa3 22ae45db-f68e-5c55-9c02-4557dca238ec Device Flags: • Updatable • System requires external power source • Supported on remote server

If you dont see Release Branch: community then you have to $ doas fwupdmgr switch-branch

Next upgrades can be done with $ doas fwupdmgr update

I never tried the gnome upgrade UI software but I guess it rely on another trick to access root permissions that probably doesnt works on sxmo

February Update:

- CNY Over: Production / support return

- #PinePhonePro: more units coming

- #PinePhone chat with modem & flash it via fwupd

- #PineNote: "all hardware works" & @kdecommunity Plasma in grayscale

- #PineTime simulator is awesome

and more!

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