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Sxmo 1.11.0 required bonsai (written in hare) and when we were packaging for postmarketOS, we found out that hare had not been packaged for 32-bit architectures.

We just released Sxmo 1.11.1 to postmarketOS/alpine edge with a workaround for 32-bit architectures:

Please remember to review the Sxmo 1.11.0 release notes:


pinephone-utils – small but useful miscellaneous things I use on my PinePhone, some exclusive to Sxmo, some especially useful in combination with the/a physical keyboard as global shortcuts.

#PinePhone #Sxmo

Currently including:

pp-flashlight – Toggle flashlight
pp-brightness – Increase or decrease brightness by 5%, toggle between 0%, 50% and 100% or set it directly
pp-audio-output – Set the PinePhone’s audio output port (speaker, earpiece, headphones) – Toggle Sxmo auto suspend – Set the Sway scale factor or toggle it between customisable values – Get the currently used download and upload bandwidth, either for the status bar or to log it
sway-random-wallpaper – Set random wallpapers for all or specified monitors
wp-output – Set the WirePlumber audio output device based on the first one that matches the given keyword
bluetooth-toggle – Toggle or set Bluetooth

New blog post - The Pinephone Pro, PostmarketOS, and Why Mainlining Phones is Important

It's hilarious when someone who does not contribute to a project publicly objects when the project considers supporting an email-based workflow for patches.

Weekly GNU-like Mobile Linux Update (33 and 34/2022): Always consider: There are human beings on the other side, too.
#pinephone #pinephonepro #librem5

Lucky I was cycling somewhere else yesterday 😉

Man fietst naakt langs Netekanaal, politie houdt oogje in het zeil (Lier) | Gazet van Antwerpen

In Antwerp and around (Belgium) it's Mother's day today. My mother died a long time ago... but hey, happy mother's day to all the mothers around here.

Some thoughts on #Pine64's approach to community-developed hardware products. Could have been shorter, but a bit of background was necessary #linux

Release 1.0.15

Only two bug fixes
* You can now see replies on boosted toots
* Desktop notification for favorites now says favorite and not follower

#tut #terminal #cli #tui #mastodon #vim #client #toot

After 2 weeks of holiday, I'm going back to work in 'die schmutzfabrik' tomorrow :-(

Release 1.0.12

* You can now have multiple local themes. Just put your theme(s) in ~/.config/tut/themes/your-theme.ini and set theme=your-theme
* New command :newer and leader action newer that force loads new posts

Read more on the release page

#tut #terminal #cli #tut #mastodon #vim #client #toot

Debian bullseye on the RPI 4 with full disk encryption.

I use a few Raspberry PI’s to run virtual machines and k3s. Here is my journey to install Debian bullseye on the Raspberry PI with full disk encryption.

#raspberrypi #debian #linux

#stafwag @stafwag

I didn't brag about it here (yet 😉 ) but I'm extremely proud of my latest life achievement: having been granted a #debian Developer account! 🎉

This is due in no small part to my involvement in the wonderful #mobilelinux community, which I'm proud to be a part of.

Let's keep the FLOSS ball rolling!

Our feedback to the EU Sustainable Products Initiative: products should explain how we can install another operating system of our choice, we should have full access to hardware, and the product passport registry should be offered as Open Data to EU citizens.

I don't post much on social media anymore. Why? It drains my attention and has a whole bunch of other negative side-effects:

In fact, I think free software projects should rely less on social media and we should try with Linux Mobile to be the prime example of giving users not only control of their whole software stack but also of their attention.

For a 39 minute verbose version of this statement, see my FOSDEM talk:

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