Because I’ve received my recently, I’m testing various operating systems with it.

During these tests, setting up wifi is very cumbersome because I use a very long random password. That’s why I’ve created a little script ‘wifi’ that I copy to the sd-card and start it from the command line to make a wifi connection with my home network.

nmcli device wifi connect SSID password PASSWORD

Starting today, you can now preorder the PinePhone UBports Community Edition: a production model #PinePhone preloaded with UBports (Ubuntu Touch), with a custom backplate to match!

PINE64 Store Link:

UBports blog post:

Lookat 2.0.0 released

Lookat 2.0.0 is the latest stable release of Lookat/Bekijk the userfriendly file browser/viewer.


* utf8 support
* default color scheme has been updated
* improved error handeling
* Macos 10.7+ support

Lookat 2.0.0 is available at:
Download it directly
Or at the Git repository at GNU savannah

#stafwag #lookat #bekijk #manpage #viewer @stafwag

I just want to know where my #pinephone is...Is it at the border? Is it passed customs? Is it lost...? Is it being held because it's from China? It's going on 1 month since last tracking update...Jan 28/30th... I'm not alone in this situation but that does not really make it easier

Boring stuff regarding Linux.Pizza, costs and stuff 

February Community Update: production currently at a stand-still - expect production delays; #pinebookpro NVMe new adapter + fix; growing OS choice; #PinePhone software status; phone FCC+CE certification; #PineTab delayed (again); and much more.

Pinephone unboxing 

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Back from . I've hold a real in my hands. WOW! I really like it. Hope to receive mine soon.

And as a bonus, @PINE64 has given me a free pinephone protection case.

War eben bei @PINE64 auf der #FOSDEM:
Die Qualität des #PinePhone hat mich echt überrascht. Das Display ist super und die Taster an der Seite haben einen angenehmen Druckpunkt. Es ist etwas groß für mich, aber mit @ubports und einer kleinen Tastatur definitiv als mobiles SSH Terminal nutzbar.

Because my has not arrived yet, I'll go to tomorrow, hoping that I can hold a pinephone for a while at the @PINE64 stand 😉

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