Belgium: It’s summer, but the weather is not that great at the moment…

So, I’m learning .

As an exercise, I’ve rewritten my simple jukebox (that was written in Java Spring Boot) to Go.

Why do the cookie popups start with "We value your privacy", clearly they don't because they would've just not included the crap.

Did I tell you that I did an unboxing (sort of) of the Pinebook Pro a couple of weeks back? I have it on my peertube instance if you want to check it out :)


Booting from real mode all the way to long mode on a modern x86_64 processor is such a depressing exercise in bloat and legacy bullshit

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Happy 2nd Birthday to! and thank you to @selea for all you provide! :linuxpizza1: :blobrainbow: :ablobdj:

Composing toots in vim is really neat!
The TUI Mastodon Client "Tut" is written by , and if you want to try it out - you can download it here:

@joacim If you like to use the terminal I'll have to do some self-promotion and say that you should look at tut. It's not finished yet, but usable. An other option is to look at toot. They differ a bit, but not that much.

Working from bed with the PineBook Pro
on screen: tmux with weechat, lynx and tut (Mastodon terminal client)

Just spotted right now that there is a GNU inside the pizza box 😅

Now that i found out about it's the only way i'll get my weather...

Made some quick functions in #fish so all i have to do is type

wt = current conditions
wf = today+tomorrow forcast
wff = 3 day forcast

just awesome
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