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2006 I moved to Linux-system full-time. (It was Ubuntu 5.10.) So this year it was 15 years of full-time Linux usage. The Kernel turned 30 years old this August.

1) I feel old
2) I should organize a party to my nerd friends

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Videos from our recent LibreOffice Conference 2021 are now also available on PeerTube! Check them out here: peertube.opencloud.lu

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There's two ways to learn abstract tools.

There's rote learning: if I do this, this happens. This'll get you started.

But real understanding happens when you form a mental model of the tool.

Sounds obvious, yet so many engineers use Git every day only knowing `git commit -am`.

(Of course, this is where I should plug my tutorial that helps you form a mental model of Git in ~11 minutes: agripongit.vincenttunru.com/)

Free Software Foundation Europe starts a new programming and hacking competition for youth: Youth Hacking 4 Freedom!

If you know suitable people, spread the word!

Also, that doesn't mean API level shouldn't be tested also. It should, maybe via integration tests, but then the focus is primarily on the structure and functionality of HTTP layer - not the logic behind that.

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I think this was a weird article. What kind of unit tests do HTTP requests? (I have done this mistake by myself as well, but that doesn't mean others should.)

All important functionality should be separated from db, http and all similar things. These can be considered as "side effects" - which they really are from the point of actual program logic.

@lobsters 🔗 botsin.space/users/lobsters/st
Good tests don't change owengage.com/writing/2021-10-0 | lobste.rs/s/6dg5a8

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Does anyone know a good, GPL-licenced teletext app for smartphones or for desktop?

I have been using Emacs daily for over two years now and I still don't have a grasp how keyboard shortcuts work in vanilla version. I can barely exit it! I find this rather funny.

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As a developer I have zero problems using Linux at work. But one problem exists: IT department doesn't support Linux. Which is weird in cloud-centric company.

Do you have similar experiences? How have you solved the problem?

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If you haven't checked what happens in free music software world, videos by UNFA are totally worth checking. Nowadays Linux-based systems are pretty credible when producing semiprofessional-grade content.

Nextcloud is a wonderful piece of technology! However, I find it hard to find a good service provider. The one I'm currently on, seems to have technical problems.

I coudn't find any Finnish providers, which is sad also.

If you haven't read or watched this talk by Martin Fowler, I really recommend. It sums up pretty well what is wrong with your typical "Scrum" team.

The State of Agile Software in 2018


I just found out about Obsidian, and it looks really great!

Obsidian: A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.

Obsidian – A knowledge base that works on local Markdown files.


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