Just finally got my daughter to school. she is very strong willed. In fact she is a f****ing nightmare. fortunately she is on our side.

Hot tip for increasing your joint mobility in a short time: ditch the chair. Sit on the floor instead. This simple hack will drastically increase the range of motion in your ankles, knees, and hips. No amount of ergonomic chair will beat squatting down and getting up many times a day.

I found a quick and easy big green button that quickly records stuff connected to jack.


And its even in the repository. And it records stuff 10 seconds before you even pressed the button!

Biesentales' Bob Drop, Lippstueck (as Samtbody, also @acf) and Claes are in charge of episode #42 "Die fragwürdigste aller Antworten" (most questionable of all answers).
unlikely reportagen from the depths of süddeutsche orgelpfeifen, humuskocher & schellenkinder, lautwandlungen, wir-starke kunsthandlungen, ein magisches science book, rataplan, rataplan…



#radio #nowlistening #extramusik #poetry #spokenpoetry #relaxed #audioart #downtempo #biesenthal #wokule

Fuck it. I done mine now - The bargain basement version . Without the image terminal thingy.

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uk government media observation 

Have you noticed how Boris Johnson Always looks like he's lying when he is on the television.
Even with the volume turned down.

Like the dodgy bloke on the high street with his pockets full of jewellery trying to talk his way out of getting nicked.

My daughter said I should install this on our computers:-


Maybe I will do it tomorrow.

#skull #painting done on black butcher block paper, sometime in 2017, when I first graduated to #Artist in Residence at Local Color SJ. #dtsj #art #mastoart

I had a go at coding a game using . I finally dare publish it. It is very simple, and more geared towards us older folk with limited computer literacy.
Maybe its best not to click on this.


"Non Capitalist — The commercial exploitation of this work is only allowed to cooperatives, organizations and non-profit groups, to organizations of self-managed workers, and where there are no exploitative relationships. Any surplus or surplus obtained by the exercise of the rights granted by this License on the Work must be distributed by and among the workers."

peer production licence rework of NC (non-commercial) clause


Last year we had lots of beautiful Vapourer caterpillars eating our red robin shrub. One of them tried to make a cocoon on our door latch. I rescued it. Two weeks later it emerged into a female. The females of this species are wingless. I put her outside clinging to her cocoon. The next morning she was gone but left eggs on her cocoon. I put them in the fridge for winter. last week I took them out. They have hatched. When they are strong enough I will put them on the red robin shrub.

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