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I wonder what sliding down the slide sitting on a block of polystyrene in the park sounds like. Hmmmm.

Nope. Too messy and bad for the environment. Try this instead.

It might even work. And you can save presets now too.

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job search, boost welcome 

(So someone suggested? me to do a job search post, so here we are, I guess again?)

I have experience in C/C++, Python, Java/Kotlin, Rust, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and am willing to learn other languages.

I have experience in Linux and Git. Currently using Linux, too.

I have interest in Elixir, currently.
My main language right now is Rust.
My main roadblock right now is GPU programming.

I have 6+ years of experience in programming.

My Github is at:

I currently live in Taiwan but if relocation is possible I can move, too. Remote is fine, too.

Disclaimer: I do not have a degree.

Me: I should use the holidays to memorise poetry, that's a sophisticated thing to be able to do.
Also me: I reckon I've got most of Chickentown down.

Release Bea Dickas / Anja Kreysing!
FUNKT Sessions
radioairplay @674FM! @ FUNKT!
Moderation: Georg Dietzler und Waltraud Blischke.
Zu Gast im Studio: Bea Dickas aka Tonzentrale (electronics), Beas Gast: Anja Kreysing (accordion / electronics)

FUNKT sessions ist ein Radioformat mit Elektronik und Klangkunst aus Köln von Georg Dietzler
#experimental #music #live #radioairplay #electronic #accordion

PrivacyToolsIO failing to their principles: dark patterns and the hidden contract with NordVPN:

Demastering recordings sounds so much more interesting than remastering them.

It was sunny so i thought fuck it we go to Cardigan Bay, over in Wales. It is like well over 100km big so you can't miss it. You don't even need to look at a map. And, it does not matter where you end up in Cardigan Bay, its gonna be good.
I still have not got a decent camera so here is a bad quality but *unique* shot of a stone.

This is the best explanation of gender identity I have seen so far

Please think about supporting me in the bills for and other free Fedi services :blobcathearts:

Also, I'm currently learning / coding hard to create a free open source alternative for TikTok/Vine called Goldfish!

Supported or not, I'm gonna continue that awesome project but it most certainly would help a lot!

how do i run a program in a virtual window
like say a program runs fullscreen no matter what
how can i make it not do that

Sweet! Imperial Library of Trantor is back up! I swear it went down for like a week or so last time I checked.

Direct download without having to click around deceptive content and sites or torrenting feelsgoodman


re: pinephone tech support, :boost_ok:​ 

update: using a usb A to C cable with the most generic 3A charger I could find seems to have worked

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