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I wonder what sliding down the slide sitting on a block of polystyrene in the park sounds like. Hmmmm.

Nope. Too messy and bad for the environment. Try this instead.

It might even work. And you can save presets now too.

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So anyone who uses an #RSS reader #AddOn for #FireFox ---

I got rid of Easy RSS because it stopped working for about a week.

I'm now using #Feedbro and it's pretty good. You can read the first few lines of #news articles without having to follow the link to the actual news site. I like that.


I changed keyboards from one with media keys to one with out. Doesn't linux have some damn keyboard short cuts to pause and turn the volume up and down?!

@greenfediverse Cool! Sounds a bit like a distributed version of the Low-Tech Magazine.

If you're of the #vim persuasion and on the lookout for a suitable browser, I can wholeheartedly recommend #qutebrowser I have used it for years now as my primary browser, only firing up firefox (with tridactyl, of course) whenever I need to visit the pits of Facebook.

Is there any alternativt to the client?
It really sucks for people with a large amount of files (me)..

Mouting the drive with WebDAV is slow also,

Which one is the best?

〇 Uruburooo
〇 Minx
〇 Garaga
〇 Banjo
〇 CloudyCloudy

Also this isn't a poll

#NotAPoll #WhichIsBest? #NotApoll

Thansk for everyone who recommended #Codeberg to their friends, collaborators and favourite projects.

Although not everyone moved to Codeberg because of this (which is fine!), we spread awareness about alternatives and that development does not equal #Git**b. This is what matters!

Thank you and keep going - Tell your friends! 💙

#GitLab #GitHub #Gitea

NFTs are about money, not art. They do not serve the best interests of artists, and it's increasingly common to hear of artists who've had their art stolen by NFT sites. If you're thinking of getting into NFTs, *please* research thoroughly to avoid getting scammed.

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any resources / documentation / wikis on setting up a new maker space.

tools / funding / location / etc...

Just a prompt to get me thinking and moving forward. Thanks.

#help #maker #workshop #theworkshop

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I love the idea of making a musical #makerspace in my local city.

There is nothing like that here and I don't know if there is a need for it.

Well, there is a need for one, but I want it to be a third place and a way to meet likeminded people.

Must find time to do #research.

In 2022 and onwards I plan to:

- release a series of experimental albums indispersed with commercial music
- build musical instruments and audio equipment
- design a live show suitable for in-person and streaming
- write a series of useful articles covering how to do the above
- create a free resource wiki on how to do all the above
- create and teach lessons on how to do the above
- travel and explore taking my mobile studio with me
- be inspired by: Brian Eno, Bjork, Trent Reznor and others

Time for a new #introduction, I think.

Hello. I tinker with #music & sounds while I'm avoiding #dayjob™️.

Also fascinated by: visual arts, creative methodologies, learning & teaching, physical & digital self-reliance, Roman history, #opensource, electronics, all sorts of stuff really.

(Ex) Goth. Obsessed with Twin Peaks. Want to live on a boat again. Does not work well with authority. Looking for like-minded people.


Do you like #markdown? Do you like #etherpad? I wrote a tool ("#markpad") with which you can combine the two: rendering markdown read from etherpad-urls:

It also allows for read-only publication of your texts.

Code hosted on @codeberg

Demo instance (with demo-pad):

(made with #python and #django, hosted on @ubernauten)

meh, any webserver except and and supports http3?

It should be capable of hosting a wordpress site without much hassle

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