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Gerald: *whistles for Roach*
Roach: *appears in house*

girlfriend thinks I'll be lonely without her

joke's on her, now I can finally be with my mistress, Linux

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Remember when apps had to be intuitive? Now omnibox instant searches ruin our ability to understand how settings data are structured

Full moon

Up at 1am unexpectedl

Cat is going nuts

Now hear me out...

A safety promotion mascot . . .

Named quarranTINA

Accidentally talked about ex in bed with lover


oh me?
I'm just admiring all the telemetry my friends at @mullvadnet are blocking for me :) It's like a little guardian angel for my privacy

if I had known stood for Republic of Gamers, I would have refused to purchase it

Dear Microsoft,

Before releasing new features and products, please make your existing ones work well

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linux user etiquette #297282 

if your friends cronjob fails make sure to give them your crondolences

Customer computers still not looked at since I left the computer shop two weeks ago. So glad I got off that sinking ship in time.

Tries to configure router for Mullvad > fails > reverts to backup

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