I just finished setting up a separate work account on my phone. Complete isolation. Feels good.

The OnePlus One is pretty straight forward to do a battery replacement on. I'm pretty pleased with it.

The consistent push toward the "sharing economy" and or the "gig economy" makes me very uneasy, especially when it comes to physical things like houses, cars, or food. The end result will be that regular people don't own anything and don't know how to do things, whether that's repair your vehicle or cook a meal at home. When push comes to shove, the corporation actually owning such things can cut you off with virtually no consequences.

-- keiferski on HN

/e/ sells de-googlised versions of Android phones. You can follow at:

➡️ @e_mydata

You can also download the OS and install it yourself. Their site is at e.foundation and phone shop at esolutions.shop

/e/ sells brand new @Fairphone 3/3+ smartphones, made with Fairtrade raw materials in ethical working conditions (fairphone.com).

In-depth video review of /e/ on the FP3:

#EFoundation #Fairphone #Android #Smartphones #Hardware #FOSS #Privacy

Code reuse is a myth

Language features which sell themselves as making code reuse easier are a farce

Just read an article about C and rediscovered why I loved this language so much when I started programming. For me it is the very essence of programming. I thought maybe I should pick it up again and pause web-development for a while.

However, I didn’t code C for about 10 years and wasn’t very proficient back then - so basically I’m beginning at zero again. So far I’m pretty hyped to get started!

Sometimes I complain about things that seem like obvious problems; but it can be really draining to do that with someone who is trying to out-compete you with how hard they can gripe.

I don't even like to complain! I prefer to look on the positive side and try to improve things.

Ha ha.

Why didn't I follow my gut and just stop myself... 🙂

@groovestomp Sweet Maria's is my go-to. They have the best info on their sourcing and cupping "Q-score" of the beans they sell. They also sell roasters and have a ton of information on roasting and brewing. Coffee Corale is OK too, though generally cheaper. I spend about an hour every two weeks, 6 155g batches, 7min/batch, on my FreshRoast SR500. I drink 2.5 cups/day, so I do like saving money with the green beans, at least 50% savings.

📦 Just released: Bubbles v0.7.2

This version contains a number of detail-oriented fixes and improvements to Textinput, Viewport, and Paginator.

Just `go get -u` to get these improvements ✌️

For the full changelog see:


there's also a bunch of netlabels. some of them are advertised by clongclongmoo.org especially if you are into idm, trance, electroic

I've now migrated entirely to /e/ on my OnePlus One.
Very happy with this setup so far!

I'm disappointed that my Samsung Galaxy A8 doesn't appear to have any Lineage support. But... I guess that just speaks to how disposable and anti-consumer that phone is.

The A8 is a fine phone if you don't care about privacy or freedom; unfortunately, I do care about those things.

Glad to finally be free.

So if you like the aspect of keybase where it lists what sites you're at, there are two options I am aware of that you can look at:

- keyoxide.org/
- wheretofind.me/

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Adding "Microsoft" as a prefix to GitHub is a silly attempt to try and retroactively give GitHub credibility that they never had.

I shitpost on work chat way more than I do anywhere else.

Is there a prebuilt Android Gemini client I can use?

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