My experience in devops impresses upon me that devops exacerbates some of the worst aspects of programming:
- bad technical documentation
- everything is a paid service
- iteration cycles make C++ compile times look snappy
- configuration files are often validated remotely, sometimes with no tools to validate locally at all
- horrible web-only UIs
- literally everything you do is just gluing pieces together

I have lots of computers. Too many, really.
So why do I want to get a librebooted thinkpad still?

Similarly, as I started the TCP/IP stack course it really seemed like a slog immediately. Maybe I just need to stick with it.

In any case, I have 5 new courses all focused in the realm of bare metal programming. I really do feel like OS kernel programming is too high level for what really interests me. Here's hoping this fits the bill!

If not... well, I guess I'll build a course backlog analogous to my videogame backlog. 😛

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There. I bought 5 more courses on Udemy. Maybe I will actually do these ones! Ha ha.

To be fair, I *thought* for a long time that I wanted to do Linux kernel programming. I have at least two books on the subject and made several attempts to contribute to the kernel. Maybe it's still on the radar, but it came across as distinctly uninteresting as I started going through the course.

How long ago was I complaining about building pipelines that depended on Vault, but our Vault integration isn't ready yet?
1 month ago?
2 months ago?
3 months ago??
Well, it's still not ready. 🎢

Oy, just had a brain fart confusing "imperative" and "empirical." Ha ha, not enough coffee this morning I guess!

I've been doing CaliMove's mobility program for about three months now, and their Calisthenics Level 3 program for about 1.5.
Both are great and I would strongly recommend them.
The mobility program in particular is fantastic and I love how it's affected me.

I'm up to free standing hand stands for ~4s right now; from absolutely zero handstand ability prior. Also doing typewriter pullups, archer pushups and other fun variations on standard movements.

I've been playing a lot of racing games lately. Forza Motorsport 4, Gran Turismo 6, GT 4 and GT 2.

FM4 is fantastic. An absolutely stellar game. I greatly enjoy playing it.

GT6 seems alright. It's not as good as FM4, but it's good.

GT2 is frustrating to play. It feels inconsistent in terms of whether it wants to be sim or arcade.

GT4 feels like GT2 refined. It is far more enjoyable to play, but hadn't yet hit the peaks of GT6 or FM4. Still missing some sim-isms.

I discovered that I enjoy 3DBotMaker's Die Cast Racing series' on Youtube.
I'm not a car fanatic by any stretch; but this is good fun to watch.

Oooh, a chance to flex some C++ programming on what might, at best, be described as tangentially related to the thing I'm actually supposed to be doing.
So guess what I'm doing until the end of the workday? 😀

I inherited an Xbox 360. This made me start thinking about Xbox games I am nostalgic for that I can play on the system.

Unfortunately, GunValkyrie is not supported via backwards compatibility, and now I'm stuck on thinking about that game. I'm not sure there's anything out there that plays quite the same?
Any suggestions?
It was highly unique!

It bothered me a lot when I was using multiple monitors with Pop!_OS that right clicking on items would pop up a right-click menu in a random position away from where I clicked. I can't recall if this was always on the other screen or not.

Well, I feel less bad seeing that Apple, with tens of billions of dollars, has not figured out how to overcome this issue either.

Since I'm using the Blargg cpu instruction tests, I think I'll focus more on the PPU instead of the MBC since Blargg's tests rely on the PPU to gauge proper emulation.

I've done a pass over all the instructions and caught a few more incorrect mappings that I've since resolved.

I think it's time to focus on the PPU then!

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Phew! There's several dozen opcodes implemented. Various improvements as well.
It sure feels great to be making progress on this GB emulator!

I've got to audit these opcodes and see what I've missed and/or implemented incorrectly. Some portion of that I will leave to surfacing via actually emulating carts.

I'll probably start working on MBC next; with an eye towards the PPU ssoon thereafter. Maybe in parallel, depending on how I feel.

gbops is an amazing resource if you're doing anything gameboy dev related.

Oh, I see. The GBCPUman.pdf doc I've been using as a reference doesn't actually describe all the BIT operations and their opcode mappings. Hmm.

Oooh, some progress on my gameboy emulator.
Turns out I missed adding several instructions into the in-memory instruction map I'm using.

Now to find out how I'm getting this errant 0xCB7E instruction...

I am encountering so much of this:

> I don't understand {thing}, therefore {thing} is too complicated.

> I can't figure out how to do {X} with {Y}, so we should completely replace {Y}.

Naturally {Y} gets replaced with something as equivalently complicated as {Y}, but the speaker has used it before, so therefore it is "less complicated."

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