Apparently Armbian on the Pine64 only has Go 1.11.6. I wrote a thing that uses os/fs which is in 1.11.16 I think.
What to do?
I guess I could just cross compile and use the executable.
In fact, I shall.
One great thing about Go - cross compilation is dead simple.

Ah, I selected to exclude media and exclude scheduling, so it exported as a .apkg. This apparently doesn't work.
When I selected to include media and scheduling then it exported as .colpkg and that worked fine.

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Well that is very disappointing.

Android Anki: export
OSX Anki: import
Invalid apkg

Android Anki: export
OSX Anki: import
Must be UTF-8 encoding

Is there a way to export from Anki in such a way that you can import into Anki?

I'm using the latest version for Android and OSX.

Wow, iTunes is actually completely unusable. I can't figure out how to play locally downloaded files.
That's fine, I don't *want* to use it; I just figured since it was there that I'd be able to actually play the files I have.

I'm using right now and it's kinda like winamp or xmms. It pushes cloud based services, which sucks; but it sucks less than iTunes so far.

Learning how to write in Croatian with an alternative keyboard layout is fun.
It helps that there is a large overlap between the English and Croatian alphabets.

A problem I see again and again at work:

The org buys a license/partnership/technology that doesn't actually do what they are buying it to do.

I used to think this only happened when business did that without the input of technology, but I've now also seen it done when technology drove the purchase.

I'm creating an anki deck for croatian verbs, with a subdeck for each of: present, future, imperative; where each card just has the infinitive form of the verb in the target language on the front.

I just discovered, and wow! This looks like a fantastic language resource!

Being circular in shape, delivered in square box, and eaten in triangular slices, pizza is the most geometrical food.

183 now.
Seriously, this is increasing from 5 lines in a child's book.

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178 cards in my Croatian language Anki deck now.
I'm working on translating a child's book. Slow going. Ha ha.

Let's talk about Common Lisp Recipes, 2nd Edition. What changes and additions would you like to see in it?

Boosts welcome.

#commonlisp #lisp #commonlisprecipes

I've noticed more and more extra fees for ordering things online into Canada.

Today's book is a prime example:
- They didn't deliver to my home
- I have to go to a post office to pick up the package
- There's an additional $10 "handling" fee

I mean, conceptually I think this is great as it's a strong encouragement to just buy things locally.
Personally, though; what the actual heck? This is basically just ripping off the customer. To top it off, there's no indication of this extra fee up front

Holy shit, I completely forgot about Flor! I love this stuff. 🙂

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I'm using youtube-dl to download some music videos in a playlist I created a couple years ago and forgot about.
This is like magic!

Two things I really struggle with at work:

- Folks not properly documenting their work. Inevitably this ends up with them throwing work "over the fence" and leaving everyone else to fend for themselves.

- Folks going against what was agreed upon by the group. This should be obvious.

Wow, has a horrible UI compared to what use to be available for official go package documentation. It is now difficult to find what used to take me just a click or two.

I think I hate using paredit. It doesn't help that the default keybindings conflict with other keybindings I have, so I need to invoke the slurp and barf functions explicitly. Even then, paredit-open-round doesn't seem to work the way I'd expect based on the documentation.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to just read a few entries in a directory in scheme. I can't figure out the library system at all!

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