Heading out to Confederation skate park today in Burnaby. I haven't ridden the bowl there since I had the BMX about 9 years ago. I'm very curious.

I haven't missed a day skating since last Tuesday now! On a roll!

I subscribed to several self-help/lifestyle/freelance/self-employment podcasts. I tried to filter before subscribing to them to make sure they were ones I would actually be interested in with advice I would be amenable to, and specifically not touting hustle culture or just talking with other folks doing the same thing already.
So far they all seems not worth listening to, although Freelance Family Man the best of the batch so far.

I landed a couple Ollie-to-manuals, some pop shuvits, did an assisted heel flip and did many bonelesses. I got into a 50/50 but they are very early at this point.

Day 6/6 now, 7 of the last 9.

I've gone skateboarding 6 of the last 7 days. I only missed one because it was the final game of the season for floor hockey and the last time I went skateboarding before floor hockey I didn't have the energy to perform as well as I swagged.

I did Peter Sullivan skatepark today (Ambleside). It is, by far, the closest skatepark, but as many convenient choices seem to go, it is not really my cup of tea.
I did get some good Ollie practice (onto objects and to and from banked surfaces) and learned to drop in from axle stall. Oh, started doing frontside 180s again, too.

All in all I was somewhat let down, though. I'm very into bowl skating at the moment, so I think I shall stick with skating bowls!

My Buddy told me about Orville Peck years ago and I didn't bother to go listen.

Do yourself a service and listen to Orville Peck. He is amazing.

I did my first manual transmission driving lesson today and skated two skateparks. Awesome people everywhere. What a great day it's been!

I rode TWO skateparks today. Kensington and Hastings.
Hastings Skatepark is AWESOME. Met some great folks and saw a familiar face from another new connection formed through skating.

I had my first singing lesson today and it was interesting to see how concepts connected to driving a manual transmission car, to weightlifting, to mindfulness and just generally to every aspect of life.
Seeing these kinds of connections is definitely up there in terms of experiences I relish.

Unfortunately no.
I could not get a floppy disk, so I used magnetic tap from a VHS cassette; however this is not working very well.

I've seen mention of using the red and blue filters in cheap 3D glasses; so I may try that.

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Got my TrackHat Track Clip Pro today. I hope I modded my PS3 camera properly so this all works nicely.

Did some ollies, nollies, shuvits and kickflips; dropped in on all the transition heights and had fun riding some bowls.
I say this has been a successful skateboarding day!

So much stuff to do!
I almost want to start working just so I can pay people to take care of half this stuff. 🤪

I wrote a to-do list today, and I would be lucky to finish it this week. 😅

I tried setting up pacenotes for Assetto Corsa rallying, but the text to speech synthesizer used by the Co Driver app is awful.
I thought the RBR pacenotes were pretty basic, but I guess my bar was too high!

There's an update to the RallySimFans installer for Richard Burns Rally that has several new tracks.
I screenshotted this list and went through the tracks looking for ones I like.
There are *so* many tracks in RBR and of such varying quality. I will have to make heavy use of favouriting!
The daily online rallies are a good way to gain track exposure, too.

After updating my Android OS somewhat recently (on /e/) my map applications do not work. There's an enhanced privacy feature that allows for spoofing location data, but forcing this to use my real location or disabling the enhanced privacy features altogether still results in location data being spoofed, even after system restarts.

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