Forth really seems like minimalism at its best.
I ought to give it a decent go.

I've done a little factor and enjoyed it, but obviously a different level of abstraction there.

I added a belgian waffle recipe to my recipes site:

It's the waffles we have every saturday.
They are damn delicious. πŸ˜ƒ

Oh Danganronpa!
I absolutely despised Teruteru yet somehow I now feel an affinity for him.
You do your crazy anime magic.

When I first wrote my C-lang parser it was doing some parsing in the lexer. Things like floats, ints, etc.
I've "recently" removed that from the lexer and wrote proper parser bits for it, but the translation wasn't direct and it seems I had some implicit whitespace consumption happening in the lexer that I need to account for somehow in the parser now.

I redirected my domain so works.
Everything else appears to be redirecting to that appropriately and I've fixed a bunch of links that needed fixing up after the site reorg.

There's a joke: A woman asks her programmer husband to pick up groceries. "Get one gallon of milk. If they have eggs, get ten," she says. He comes home with ten gallons of milk. "They had eggs, honey," he says.

The first layer of humor is his control flow interpretation failure. The second layer is that he doesn't even understand operation order: Going by his own misinterpretation, he should have picked up eleven gallons.

The most annoying thing about getting on in your career is everyone is interested in hiring you only for what you've already done. In my experience that is almost always the least interesting thing I could possibly do.

FYI: 2FA of PayPal is actually just 1FA.
You can reset your password using your 2FA phone number.
In conclusion your money is vulnerable to SMS interception attacks. It has been like that for years.

So, why is 2FA or account recovery via SMS a really bad idea, you ask?

@xj9 the main appeal that gopher/gemini have for me is that it seems to have the same emotional cycle in the participants of "hey i have a website!! uh oh what do i put on it" that causes people to fill it with these highly personal collages for no audience in particular - while that is definitely more generalized, the fact that people have to pull from places inside themselves rather than being able to coast on knee-jerk responses always produces something i find very special

@djsundog @ryen When in doubt, run a single-user OS that just gives you bare metal access.

Why should my computer block me from doing what I want? Only because I foolishly run Other Peoples' Code and I don't "trust" it. If I get rid of that, I can do anything.

Attempting Japanese cotton sponge cake as we speak.

I wrote up some thoughts about my recent foray into visual novels:


Just a head's up: I expect that URL to change at some point in the near-to-mid future.

There, TLS configured for So easy with Let's Encrypt's Certbot!

I think tomorrow might be a "set up TLS" day.
Maybe also a "redirect dns entries" day.

Oh, probably also a "take muscle relaxers" day based on how today went... πŸ˜•

I guess kiln doesn't support generating index pages in html from gemini sources.

Maybe I'll hack on that a little down the road; but for now it means no HTML support for me!

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