I just finished reading Bandette Volumes 1-4.
I enjoyed it. It was a little too light-hearted and easy going for me, but I still enjoyed it. I really like the artwork.
My 8 year old daughter is enjoying it as well.

Did some baseball with the kids. This was a great arrangement!
The 8 year old can already throw and catch well, so she worked on batting.
The 5 year old played catcher and got to work on catching and throwing.
I did pitching and fielding.

Modding Fridays is an online community of people interested to learn together about the maintenance, repurposing, and reappropriation of supposedly obsolete consumer electronics, for fun and profit. We see our interest as part of a broader conversation on post-digital culture, #permacomputing and repair culture.

I like how multiple people brought up 100 Rabbits at the conference today.

I should probably use FreeBSD right?

Literally heard someone just describe themselves: "I'm a crypto bro."


That face when the only embedded development pitch at the conference is about Rust.

For so many years I was drawn to retro game programming because you could command complete control of the hardware at a low level.
I confused things, though and got stuck on the videogame part. It turns out the videogame part is only incidentally interesting to me (as a developer) and its the low level part that matters, but separating these two took me a surprisingly long time to do.

I had a fantastic time rallying in Dirt Rally 2.0. I was failing hard at RBR, but slowly getting my legs back. Followed Laahanen and tried the Hyundai I20 Coup WRC 2020 with custom setup at Chirdonhead. Oof! I am so unfamiliar with that stage. I didn't clear it once in about five attempts. But it feels great. 😁

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I changed the "mood" file for R3E to XProc, and WOW! This breathed new life into the graphics for me. I literally thought they stealth released a massive graphics overhaul patch. 😆

I finished up the night with rFactor 2 to get a little playtime in on the DLC I picked up. Fantastic feel. Much trickier than R3E, but still good. I did poorly, natch, but didn't want to dedicate more practice time so late at night. After the R3E free period ends I will go back.

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(In my experience, professionally, it often behooves you to do this - albeit at the risk of excising yourself from cultural norms in your profession. This is a non-trivial issue, but most who encounter this divide know which side they fall on.)

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I also settled my mind that all this huzzah about proper FOV just does not apply to me. I am not going exclusively for immersion and I do not have the hardware to make it work. You really need a triple display, VR, head tracking or super ultrawide setup to do this. I have none of those. So I just set the FOV that looked okay and let me perform well, and that was great. Sometimes you have to throw conventional wisdom out the window.

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Had a rough time sim racing yesterday. Had the adaptive AI in R3E stomp me hard. I guess this is common while building a car/track profile for it, but it was completely not fun. Switch back to pre-set AI difficulty and then thoroughly trounced them. Obviously too easy of a difficulty, but it felt nice after getting destroyed.

At Polyglot Unconference Vancouver today. Will see how this goes.
Feeling suprisingly antisocial today and uncharitable to modern software, so... 😶

Oh! Richard Burns Rally uses Lisp for some of its configuration files. Cool.

Back to thinking I should get an offline PDA paired with a really dumb phone.

Whelp, my first taste of online ranked racing indicates it's mostly about driving very cautiously and not losing place.
The latter is fairly trivial by just skipping qualification.
But this isn't really fun, so I think I'll stick with offline vs AIs.

I just looked, and I could retire right now if we moved to Winnepeg. Naturally Mrs. GrooveStomp would never agree.

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Listening to this 4 year old interview with Chris Hannah of Propagandhi. Legend.

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