Hmm. Are there any operating systems out there with licenses considered "toxic" to big tech? I've never bothered to look.

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Ah, I am starting to see. Corporations push enterprise features into Linux to support corporate agendas. Linux continues market domination as a result of corporate investment.

I don't mean this in a strictly negative sense, but this realisation does make me immediately less interested in investing anything personally into Linux.

Really, its an unavoidable scenario with open source - perhaps with the exception of strict copy left licensing.

Leaning toward Deep Rock Galactic at this point. Was the other way last night. I might end up just getting both.

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Debating between Deep Rock Galactic and Risk of Rain 2 to play co-op with my brother and long time friend.

“Follow the fucking money. When a VC tells you what's good for you, check your wallet, then count your fingers.”

Evergreen advice.

What is a Canadian company that has a wide supply of DVDs, reasonably priced, for sale online?

There's a certain major retailer I'd prefer to avoid.


Latest sourdough.
These are the best looking loaves yet!
They're darker than I'd like, but I'm still learning my oven. I don't like that it says its at 500°F and then when I set it for 450°F I see it suddenly update the display to show that its sitting at 385°F. :-(

The left loaf is squashed because I baked it in two deep baking sheets whereas the right one was in a roasting pan. There's not enough room in there for two roasting pans at once.

Wow. I haven't touched the Macbook Pro butterfly keyboard in many weeks, and it seems to have significantly deteriorated based on the terrible state it was in last time.
Previously it would mostly just spuriously generate pressed of the "a" key. Now it's *at least* also the "d" key, but the frequency is also much higher, so the keyboard is basically unusable.

Good high quality product there. 👌

The good thing about YouTube is that the less you use it, the worse the algorithm is at offering interesting results, begetting less YouTube usage, in a beautiful positive feedback loop.

And so, in the interest of accelerating that loop... Does Pwn College host their videos elsewhere?

little known fact is that setting objects on top of your LAN cable squishes the contents.
this is what packet compression means.

Brewing coffee at 15:250g coffee to water ratio seems to always taste better than 18:300g.

"Keystone XL Pipeline Abandoned" - Indigenous victory over settler-colonial fossil fuel oligarchs! #IndigenousHistoryMonth #Indigenous

Every season of Mr. Robot gets better. Season 3 is pretty amazing so far!

It looks like 1k - 4k words is sufficient for a short story, at least according to Wikipedia.
I can easily do 2k a day (unstructured non-story writing), so this is heartening.

I got up at 5, then promptly went back to bed. This will take a few tries. :-|

The nice thing about writing is I don't seem to be struggling to do it. The problem is finding a consistent time to do it so I can make it habit/routine.

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