@yarmo Looks nice, but someone should lobby them to allow us to run their server code.

For now, there's no licence. So basically nobody is allowed to use it. Probably a mishap.

Also, if this is really for *people*: Why using the MIT licence? Why not being nice and offering a guarantee that there's no patent baits and that the code will be forever-open?

From a user viewpoint I'd like to see a strong copyleft licence (GPL, or even AGPL for the server, maybe LGPL for some libraries).

A first impression of the upcoming Briar desktop client

@briar wooo! 🎉

Although I do understand the reasons behind deprecating Briar GTK, I still wish it was an option. Ah well, one day. 🙂

@cnx @briar abilty to re-use code from the mobile version. With a small project team like #Briar's, it makes all the sense.

But nothing is stopping the community to step in and make a GTK or Qt client. Briar is not Signal, and there is no moxie involved. 😉

Asking for financial help. 

Hey folks, I’m hoping this is the last time I need to ask for help, but right now I need it. I recently got started on ADHD medications and I’m hoping that will help me get on track soon. But in the meantime, I need help.

Job hunting has produced nothing for me, and don’t have much money left. I don’t have enough to pay rent or bills right now. If you can spare it, I would really appreciate if you could help me out.

If you know of any job opportunities, I would also appreciate it if you would DM me.

Paypal: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/chrisdavisgnome Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chrisgnome GitHub Sponsors (won’t get a payout until November): https://github.com/sponsors/BrainBlasted

@purism hmm interesting haven't found anyone that got the device jet. Seems that they you are still not capable of delivering due to component shortage?

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@purism How is the chipshortage impacting shipping and production of the Librem 14? How long do you estimate i have to wait when i order like 5? Is there any bulk pricing reductiom? :loading:

is great in concept but in reality it's still so broken. Sad its shipped like this :|

scaling improves a lt since last time, but scrolling in appgrid and in the folders is still broken.

Testing continues... 😍 The speed at which development is progressing is incredible! A big shout out to GNOME Shell developers!!!

⚠️ Work in progress ⚠️
This screenshot shows a WIP development build of Shell, things can still change.


Things I wish I could ship with 1.0:
- better UI/UX for phones
- better Profile view
- Pleroma support
- follow requests in Notifications
- more locales

These things will be included in the next minor updates. For now you can expect the core functionality working pretty stable. Also, the animations are pretty.

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Looks like a really solide Laptopt!
Thinking about switching from the way to weak to the it has 2 Ports that will make my workflow so much faster.

(Its a chinese hands-on leaked)

#phosh 0.8.0 is out 🚀 : source.puri.sm/Librem5/phosh/-

Changing output resolutions and scaling via GNOME Settings should now mostly work, system modal dialogs don't pop up on the lock screen anymore plus more fixes and i18n improvements. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

#librem5 @purism #gnomeonmobile

Things I believe are required to make @briar spread within activist circles with great adoption:

- support for @tails
- possibility to send images/audio
- asynchronous communication for 1:1 chat, so that I can get a message across even if not both parties are at the same time online.
- multi device sync or some backup function that could do similiar

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