UH-OH!! I put on "GREAT HEAD-ON TRAIN COLLISIONS of the 50's" by

We is confronted with insurmountable opportunities.
-- Walt Kelly, "Pogo"

There is no realizable power that man cannot, in time, fashion the tools
to attain, nor any power so secure that the naked ape will not abuse it.
So it is written in the genetic cards -- only physics and war hold him in
check. And also the wife who wants him home by five, of course.
-- Encyclopadia Apocryphia, 1990 ed.

I'm sick of being trodden on! The Elder Gods say they can make me a man!
All it costs is my soul! I'll do it, cuz NOW I'M MAD!!!
-- Necronomicomics #1, Jack Herman & Jeff Dee

You have an ambitious nature and may make a name for yourself.

Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall,
Aleph-null bottles of beer,
You take one down, and pass it around,
Aleph-null bottles of beer on the wall.

I didn't order any WOO-WOO ... Maybe a YUBBA ... But no WOO-WOO!

Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel.

If you live long enough, you'll see that every victory turns into a defeat.
-- Simone de Beauvoir

Quigley's Law:
Whoever has any authority over you, no matter how small, will
atttempt to use it.

Will this never-ending series of PLEASURABLE EVENTS never cease?

<cj> no! problems in M$ software?
<cj> "Thoroughly bugtested"
* Dabb grins.
<LordHavoc> rewrite that as 'Thoroughly buginfested'

Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.
-- Kahlil Gibran

Actor Real Name

Boris Karloff William Henry Pratt
Cary Grant Archibald Leach
Edward G. Robinson Emmanual Goldenburg
Gene Wilder Gerald Silberman
John Wayne Marion Morrison
Kirk Douglas Issur Danielovitch
Richard Burton Richard Jenkins Jr.
Roy Rogers Leonard Slye
Woody Allen Allen Stewart Konigsberg

Oh yeah. Forgot about those. Getting senile, I guess...
-- Larry Wall in <199710261551.HAA17791@wall.org>

<Wordplay> You measure your vibrators in "characters per second"? I have
bad news for you, c90, you've been masturbating with a
dot-matrix printer.

gurmlish, n.:
The red warning flag at the top of a club sandwich which
prevents the person from biting into it and puncturing the roof
of his mouth.
-- Rich Hall, "Sniglets"

"You can have my Unix system when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers."
-- Cal Keegan

In the beginning there was nothing. And the Lord said "Let There Be Light!"
And still there was nothing, but at least now you could see it.

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