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Kurrajong (Brachychiton populneus) seed pods are opening in the park. #florespondence #plants

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Can someone explain the blogspot pages that include literal gibberish?

Sometimes I think it would be nice to genetically engineer new flowers into existence

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petition to rename linux.pizza to gnulinux.pizza

Listening to Louie Zong's "Apples" EP while reading about apple ripening

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@Paradox If the FBI Anti-Piracy warning on Blu-Rays annoys you, you can just pirate the movie instead to get rid of it
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Be the cringe you want to see in the world

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"i use linux as my operating system," i state proudly to the unkempt, bearded man. he swivels around in his desk chair with a devilish gleam in his eyes, ready to mansplain with extreme precision.
"actually," he says with a grin, "linux is just the kernel. you use GNU+linux."
i don't miss a beat and reply with a smirk, "i use alpine, a distro that doesn't include the GNU coreutils, or any other GNU code. it's linux, but it's not GNU+linux."

the smile quickly drops from the man's face. his body begins convulsing and he foams at the mouth as he drop to the floor with a sickly thud. as he writhes around he screams "I-IT WAS COMPILED WITH GCC! THAT MEANS IT'S STILL GNU!"
coolly, i reply "if windows was compiled with gcc, would that make it GNU?" i interrupt his response with "and work is being made on the kernel to make it more compiler-agnostic. even if you were correct, you won't be for long."

with a sickly wheeze, the last of the man's life is ejected from his body. he lies on the floor, cold and limp. i've womansplained him to death.

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Any recommendations on a new mouse? I'm looking for something well-built & simple, preferably wired & driverless. So far, I'm considering Zowie.

> new Discord update drops
> must update immediately ofc, can't have anyone running a slightly outdated version of the app ever
> built-in updater won't handle it
> only officially packaged for Debian-based distros, but here's a tarball


Discord moment.

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I think one of the worst interface designs is ceiling fans. Like when you pull the string. Did I just make it go faster? slower? Did I turn it off? I’ll wait for 20 seconds for a vague idea of this then try again and wait

• 1 pair jeans, apple-bottomed
• 1 pair boots, with fur

1. Hit the floor.
2. Get low.

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Favorite kind of wort?

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You don't need to use link shorteners on Mastodon. All links count as 23 characters no matter how long they really are.

Also, links on Mastodon stay in the form you wrote them. This is much better for privacy than Twitter.

Twitter quietly changes all posted links to go via Twitter's domain t.co so they can track people. This doesn't happen on Mastodon or the Fediverse.

You can see this hidden conversion in Twitter by hovering your mouse over a link there, the link appears to show a normal address but Firefox and other browsers will indicate the true t.co address in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you try this same check on Mastodon or the Fediverse, you will see your links stay just as you wrote them.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #Privacy #Twitter #LinkShorteners

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