A few years ago, went down... a few months ago, went down... today, went down...

God, I love how people are just not learning anything from the past :^)
I'm just gonna say it...
The next major web outage will be caused by either , or .

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cdnjs or jsdelivr is using cloudflare thou? If I remember correctly.

Anyway, paying for "premium CDN's" in order to get better uptime seem like a thing of the past

@selea Durr, I'm st00pid... cdnjs runs on CLoudflare yes, jsdelivr on cloudflare/fastly/bunny/quantil (multiple CDNs)...

But yea, doesn't mean cdnjs and jsdelivr can have a screw up in their stuff that cause them to go down :^)

@finlaydag33k I still don't get the idea of premium CDN. I mean, OK you want you website and stuff to be faster around the globe, why not just create small servers in multiple places with static content and configure anycast for Oh, you don't know how to do that, because you are JavaScript fullstack senior developer? No problem, cloud providers have their own CDN without cloudflare. And you're using cloud provider in 99% cases anyway.

@finlaydag33k wait until npm goes down and doesn't come back up again

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