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No clue how to pin someone else's toot to my profile, so I'll do it like this <3

Great... So the biggest mail provider (as in physical mail and parcels) in The Netherlands (PostNL) is now selling 's :|

Absolutely marvelous.

Even though the sample-size is very low, it's interesting to see that RTX isn't used as often as I thought.

Is Nvidia pulling an Intel here? (referring to Linus Torvald's statement on AVX512 taking up part of the transistor budget)

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God, I love the Nvidia fanboys coping with the RTX4090's MSRP of 1959 euros saying things like "but everything is getting more expensive" not realizing that the idiots that bought GPUs for 2k+ during the shortage are the primary cause.

Thanks for the idiots that bought their GPUs during the shortage just to play Roblox, you created a "new normal" :drool:

If you own a -series card, how often do you find yourself using RTX ? (eg. , , etc.)

If you just want to say "fuck Nvidia" or "it's proprietary bullshit", I'd politely request you to ignore this toot.


Not the smartest picture to pick when talking about being optimistic about the future of EVs...

(spoiler alert: That's the 2023 Corvette Z06 with a 5.5L V8... It's anything but an EV...)

Boiling potats

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