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Ok, I'm gonna place my bet on what the Q in Q will stand for.
I'll pin this Toot as well so I won't forget about it.

My bet will be as it's one of the few food items I know of but it's also something that has to do with atomic particles so it's pretty much a no-brainer.

I'll be livestreaming "While True(): learn" probably tomorrow around 1900-1930 :)
So bookmark the link and keep the twitch chat goin!

was awesome to :)
So much vroomvroom, hoonk honk, lung cancer and somebody even proposed to his gf on top of a tank.
Definitely considering to go again next year!

Best idea I've ever had...
Drinking a can of coke a few minutes before I wanted to go to bed :^)
Absolutely brilliant!

Anyways, I'm off for the day, waking up tomorrow at 08:00-ish (already had to wake up at 06:00 today for a driving "qualification" test) after which I'll be heading to :)


My friends over at DevineHQ sponsored me the game "while True: learn()" :)
It seems like just the type of game for a developer interested in Machine Learning :)

I'll be livestreaming it this monday/tuesday.
Which one it'll be and the time will be announced either tomorrow evening or monday morning :)
I expect it to be either Monday at 19:00 or Tuesday at 19:00 though :)

It's been a year since I've first seen this design but I still think it's a really sweet design.

Just setup my own tomesh node (tho not in Toronto obviously) :)
Hopefully I can get some more nodes up and running later down the road, maybe with some off-grid nodes as well if I have the funds for it later :)

@distrotube A month ago you have done a on .
Would you mind making one on and maybe compare the two? :)

I've managed to successfully import all data from the WordPress site into Horizon :)

I'll be working on cleaning up the blogposts and comments so they'll actually look halfdecent :)

We're getting really close!

You know, as brilliant of an idea as the is, the actual thing itself is pretty ...
I wonder why nobody has tried to run a slimmed version of Linux on it as to use it as some kind of thin client...

There's no law against giving all your children the same name
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