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Sorry guys, I'm not that active on Mastodon anymore...
Please feel me to join my Discord (you know, that non-federated chat thing a lot of ppl use) server if you want to hit me up :)

My manager has an oscilloscope with a 16 channel logic analyser in it.

It is a $600 software update to enable that analyser in software. All the hardware is there but it’s turned off in software unless you buy the update.

Whats even worse is that you then have to buy upgrades for specific protocols if you want to analyse them specifically like i2c or spi.

This is the business of bullshit.

Now that temperatures here are dropping a bit (cus it's night) I got the of by means of a working :)

Will be working on the ability to remove keys from the keyring now, after that, handling expired/revoked keys followed by changing keytrust.

Don't you just love it when a regex says A in your regex editor then says B when you add it into your app?

ordered 3mg/ml (nicsalt) e-liquid morons send me 20mg/ml --'

New client I am working on can now import ascii armored keys from an input box :)

(still need to make the other methods - file and keyserver - work)

Anyone that wants to offer their to of a of mine? :)

Will just be imported into the keyring for the project, might show up in screenshots I'll be sharing here n there.

Question to everyone who has a small or :

Would you mind posting an image of it?
I am trying to gather some ideas for a future datacenter/hobby house. Would be nice to see all of your ideas and solutions!

Is anyone aware of those capsule doohickeys that can act as something like a ?
That's be damn awesome.

A more modern looking client with a focus on UX (yes... it is built in Electron tho... not sorry to all the electron haters).

(got permission from @selea to show his stuff, don't worry)

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