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Ah, the frost is here, now I can laugh my ass of again as everybody slips and falls :^)

The best antidote to Facebook et al is just to continue building viable communities outside of those systems, using open protocols.

Was like: "dope, WSL, now I can run Docker on windows without that piece of garbage called Hyper-V"
Microsoft: "HA, you wish"

(aspiring and established) OpenPGP/GPG users, join the fray in our small but humble OpenPGP/GPG Matrix channel :D

@selea and I will be waiting for you <3

New PGP key: 0x4eef259b605e289e

Fucked up me old key (0x8)

Any user that want to my ?

DM me for a proof of identity n stuff :D

I can sign yours if you send a proof of identity as well (just scribble your name and fingerprint on a piece of paper and put something officially identifying (like a drivers license or passport of w/e) with it.

Is this a common occurrence?

- works on project
- is playing a ranked game of LoL
- is playing a ranked game of WoWs
- is playing bass
> still replies to messages from gf within minutes (or even seconds)

- watches youtube video
- is playing some low-end game that can be paused easily
> 4 hours later says was "too busy" to reply


if only there was an OS that was
- easy to manage for SysOps (with an alternative to Active Directory), no weird overcomplicated setups
- easy to deploy apps with (just plain simple, with no left-overs on uninstall, except maybe documents n stuff in case of an office app)
- secure by design (no weird fucking backdoors or configs to cripple the security)

my god, there should be a ban on conspiracy theories holy balls...
There is this theory going around that 5G is dangerous, yet no reputable source says this...

A better Whois tool made by a friend of mine :)
no longer having to remove the http(s):// in front of a site!

*sits in dark room*
*has to go walk dog*

"where did I leave my pants?"
*searches around him*
*goes to the toilet pee*
"oh here they are"

There is no alcohol involved, so I wonder how they ended up there with me forgetting about them...

best pickup line I've heard so far: "hey girl, are you a stack? Cus I wanna smash you"

What is your on ? or are you more of a kind of person?

Let the debate begin!

When you just see that golden opportinity to make a very horrible joke.

When Git nuked your entire repo without being able to get it back...

(wanted to slap an existing project to Git, but instead it nuked the codebase)

I have (with the help of some people over at Reddit) made a wireless AP that automatically connects any device using it to the Hyperboria (CjDNS)!

Now I'm gonna get working on 802.11s integration (so the AP will use 802.11s to mesh all the connected devices together, to obviously increase the range of the entire network) and then I'll be attempting to make a raspberry pi image out of it!

so excited 😍

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