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A few years ago, went down... a few months ago, went down... today, went down...

God, I love how people are just not learning anything from the past :^)
I'm just gonna say it...
The next major web outage will be caused by either , or .

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No clue how to pin someone else's toot to my profile, so I'll do it like this <3

Streaming/DRM people (listeners and artists alike) will never get how much I love the music I bought on Bandcamp

@kaia linux is when you want to perform a simple task but it requires hours of tweaking and reading handbooks
Every fedi software has its own pro/cons/bugs/features.... and we all know that every features isn't compatible with every software..


need a loli gf who can memorize all the polyrhythm in any Meshuggah song

Element is hiring Backend Engineers 🚀

If you:
- are experienced with #Python OR #NodeJS
- know your way with #SQL
- know what a REST API is
- want to work on an open source project (#Synapse and/or bridges)

You can either DM me or apply directly on

If you are not sure if you would be a great fit or what would be expected from you, drop me a message and we'll figure it out :)

🔄 Boosts very appreciated, we need you!

Ever wanted to track your ICE train in the command line? No?

Anyway, you can do it now!

Evil RMS be like: "I am fine with your use of proprietary software"

Evil Finlay be like: "I accept your opinion that is based solely on ignorance"

women who fuck around => sluts
guys who fuck around => players
women who are virgins => pure and dateable
men who are virgins => weird and unmanly

fuck society
Cp is when the adult dresses as a anime lol
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