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A few years ago, went down... a few months ago, went down... today, went down...

God, I love how people are just not learning anything from the past :^)
I'm just gonna say it...
The next major web outage will be caused by either , or .

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No clue how to pin someone else's toot to my profile, so I'll do it like this <3

Person1: "Any suggestions for a cheap router for home?"
Person2: "Get a MikroTik"
Me: "I doubt he'll enjoy that..."
Person2: "Why? They offer great value for the money?"
Me: "I agree... but the interface sucks and it's a pain to get used to the things"
Person2: "You clearly never worked with the things"
Me: "Nah fam, surely don't run a router + 2 switches + 2 APs from MikroTik or anything"...
Me: *slamdunks picture in conversation*

>Building PC partslist for Person1.
>Person2 wanted to stroke his ego while shilling CoolerMaster.
>I suggested a cheaper case and a cheaper cooler (both of which perform better).
>Person1 rejected my proposal because "muh RGB" and "muh CoolerMaster".
>Caused Person1 to overspend 100 euro for a case and a cooler that aren't compatible.

Yes, he was shilling so hard that he forgot to do the simple thing called "make sure this will fit" :^)

New switch came in \o/
Photo shaky af but w/e
From top to bottom:
- CCR2004-1G-12S+-2XS (Router)
- CRS317-1G-16S+RM (new switch)
- CRS326-24G-2S+RM ("old" switch, previously the router before I got the CCR2004)


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