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For those of you who aren't aware: there is a petition on, to face what I believe may be the most important challenge of our generation. I'm talking, of course, about getting Lightning McQueen Crocs made in adult sizes. If you haven't already signed, please head to and do your part!

For any kind of chemical contamination, the only two substances which are acceptable to use as eyewash are water and saline.

Posting this because a lot of people still suggest milk and antacid solution, and those people are fucking up.

Please CW your US politics/SCOTUS/bodily autonomy posts 

For the love of fuck, please CW these things. Today of all days.

A lot of us are scared shitless right now and CWs help us engage with current events in a safer manner, on our own terms and in our own time.

Thank you.

Is it true that Kyle Rittenhouse's mom is driving him to Ukraine to help out?

I learned yesterday that the #cooperative #agriculture model is in decline as consolidation continues.

you know what you call a cool wetland? that's right, boggers

a take on celebrity transitions 

I'm a fan of celebrating people's transitions, but that celebration should be led by the person transitioning. I don't really feel great about the children of celebrities being outed by news outlets and social media hypothesizing about people's genders.

There are two very public headlines going around rn about celebrity trans/nonbinary kids, and imo it's nobody's business but the kids.

The harvest and sale of personal data happens on a scale which is beyond our comprehension.

Google transmits the location data and browsing habits of Europeans and Americans across ad platforms 78 billion times a day — nearly 1 million times per second.

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