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For those of you who aren't aware: there is a petition on, to face what I believe may be the most important challenge of our generation. I'm talking, of course, about getting Lightning McQueen Crocs made in adult sizes. If you haven't already signed, please head to and do your part!

Shawty suck my dick, then I can find on postmates

Hey, my cat and beloved friend, Frenzy, is coming with me on my move back to my parents'. I took him to the vet, and to update his vaccinations it cost about $450, and he'll need a dental procedure because his teeth are infected.

I don't mean any hyperbole here that this old man cat is my world and my rock. I am paying for this, I can, but it's over half of my savings and will set me back pretty rough, especially with rent coming up soon.

I know there are more important things out there, but if you want to chip in, boost, or both, I will be so thankful, much like the other times I've asked. I can't stress how useful and relieved I've been when friends and strangers help out, and I hope to goodness I can crawl my way to a place where I can return the favor and then some. Thanks again.

@chjara so you got all that windows xp and never levelled up?
how do i explain to people that
1. last time i used windows was xp
2. printers are entities made of pure, evil hatred, that thrive on the tears of humans
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As you are aware, Kiwi Farms was recently hacked and doxxed by Anonymous and given the past history of Kiwi Farms retaliating against me for basically existing - I am on high alert for violence against me by fasc actors who with ties to Kiwi Farms local to PDX /1

@7 Shit, if I could get a copy in markdown, I'd .. wait, there has to be a copy of K&R in Markdown... FUCK, I need that! That would be something I could enjoy, even if outdated... In vim, while stoned, just learning vim navigation keystrokes while reading K&R, could it get any better..

Who's got a copy of K&R in Markdown?

Incorrectly assuming everyone is in the same part of the world as I am 

@Froggo @freeplay Canada has two seasons: winter and construction

re: whining about not having hrt 

@Froggo all booba good booba :blobcatshy:
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