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@dukeofhardrock @gnuissance Now my daily driver is Debian Buster, but I still have Arch installed on my old ThinkPad X200. If for some reason I want to test out something on Arch in a VM, I would either grab an Arch installation script or go with Endeavour OS. I consider these two options as shortcuts. For Manjaro users, don't skip the process, but rather learn and enjoy

Spent the whole day learning and configuring Pi-hole in Docker, couldn’t get it work; tried normal installation and it took off in less than 10 minutes.

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Okay, so this coolguy posts the source code for the Apollo 11 Guidance Computer on GitHub:

This dumb bitch opens an Issue suggesting in the most irritating possible way that they give it a Code of Conduct:

Everyone's like "um, this code is literally fifty years old. What the hell?"

Apparently she just spams the Contributor Covenant to any GitHub project she sees and complains on Twitter whenever anyone says no XD

Bought this laptop stand from Amazon. However my 15 inch Dell laptop keeps tilting due to large inclination angle. I solved it by utilizing the 2-in-1 nature and an external keyboard. Ha!

Doing some house cleaning on a Saturday morning, literally found 16 micro USB cables. I’m a rich guy!

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Woah, I wasn't expecting such a warm welcome. I love you huys too. Most websites these days are all "nice to meet you, gimme your phone number."

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If I officially register my religion as Stallmanism, are public schools and government bureaus not allowed to force me to submit Microsoft Word documents?

Mastodon seems like a really warm and welcoming community. Appreciate all the ” boosts and favourites from the folks I barely know. I think I’m staying!

Well, hello world! My first post on a mastodon instance.


A instance dedicated - but not limited - to people with an interest in the GNU+Linux ecosystem and/or general tech. Sysadmins to enthusiasts, creators to movielovers - welcome