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im so tired of people in the foss community talking about how important freedom is, yet they are using gab or promoting other far-right bullshit. thats the opposite of freedom. we have to fight for every persons right to be free. until then, there is no such thing. if your in to that kind of bullshit, please unfollow me and tell me so I can do the same!

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Just a word of warning on a friday:

Don't use LastPass.

Some years ago they even got hacked. LastPass is just not a good solution.

Why not try an open-source alternatve like KeePass?

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So apparently Telegram is being difficult with GNU/Linux package maintainers, not okay at all, that's a good chunk of their user base that they're annoying there

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Veckans avsnitt! 🥳💥💫

Vi kikar på det senaste från @nextcloud och får lite härlig statistik från #IBM. #Terraria siktar återigen på #Stadia och #Firefox släpper nytt. Det, #foss, #opensource, #linux och mer. Häng med! 🙌

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I am working a little project and want to hear from people.

What is your favorite terminal emulator?

Bonus points for cross-platform, but mostly looking for those on Linux.

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@wilw The reason Google tried to kill off RSS is because they consider any kind of "index, directory, or data structure that makes the web organized and easier to access a thread to their business model.

Google wants to be the only gateway into the information, and so RSS had only downside risk for them.

Now, in 2021, everyone should be using RSS as much as possible to help eliminate dependency on BigTech, and some day even create a fully semantic web.

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So...what's your favorite app on ?

And what's your most used one?

boosts welcome 😊

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Statement on Politics of

Slur filter => putting a healthy environment above growth. Not for everyone but a stance I applaud and appreciate!

YIL never buy anything from spreadshirt again

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Goddagens, nytt avsnitt! 🤗

#Linux körs på #Mars och kanske till och med på #Google:s nya #Fuschia OS. #Lastpass stryper gratiskonton och Trevlig Mjukvara börjar undersöka vad det mystiska #Gemini egentligen är. Två fräscha trevligheter, #foss, #opensource och mycket mer! 💥💫🥳

ordered a yesterday which im gonna run as a router with . soon enough im done with those crappy proprietary consumer routers :)

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Which alternative to Google Search are you using?

I need this data to 1. show my fellow people how fast you get answers on #Mastodon while you get ignored on #Twitter, and 2. to finally find the motivation to change away from #Google!

❤️ ❤️ ❤️ 💪

What's your choice, and why?

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Screenshotting this because oh my god it's so bad it's poetry.

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Finally learned how to properly use macros in vim. My life will never be the same.

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About 86,000 of the about 1,000,000 videos has GPS coordinates in their metadata. Here is a map of those GPS coordinates

Check it out and look to see if any Parler users uploaded videos from your local community. If you send me the IDs of those videos I'll download them for you

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DDoSecrets has made the 32TB of videos scraped from Parler available to the public! It's in an S3 bucket.

Here's detailed instructions on how to get access to it -- unfortunately it's still not super user friendly

If you have AWS credentials, you can use this web app to download specific videos

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Alright, Fediverse.

I am looking for a RSS Feed reader?

Aaaand, go!

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