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im so tired of people in the foss community talking about how important freedom is, yet they are using gab or promoting other far-right bullshit. thats the opposite of freedom. we have to fight for every persons right to be free. until then, there is no such thing. if your in to that kind of bullshit, please unfollow me and tell me so I can do the same!

okay, so now im going to do it. a couple of days ago i installed pleroma and going to start using my selfhosted instance instead of this one.

if anyone still interested to still follow me i'll be at

thanks @selea for providing this awesome space, but its time to move on to a selfhosted instance! :)

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Halloj! 🔑❤️

Osäker #IoT, bakdörrar, #säkerhet#internet, #fossnorth, #foss, #opensource och mycket mer. Vi intervjuar Anne-Marie Eklund Löwinder, en av 14 i världen med "Nyckeln till Internet", först från Sverige in i Internet Hall of Fame, säkerhetschef på #Internetstiftelsen och mycket mer! Lyssna in 👇

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We're now an official vendor for the upcoming groupbuy of the EnjoyPBT Scandi keycaps. It starts next month, so keep your wallets ready!


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You can buy companies, names, servers, infrastructure... but you can't buy a community.

At this point I'm wondering if the new owner of Freenode isn't actively trying to bury this brand.

His latest moves were so obviously ham-fisted and clumsy, it just makes no sense otherwise.

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Hello community!

We could use your help! If you are a #Funkwhale user and want to help us improving, here is what you can do. We have a list of Bug reports, which need to be reproduced. Thats quite easy: Read the report and test the steps, which are written down there. Than report back, if you experience the same behavior.

The list is available here:

You can simply add a Comment, you can report back here or in our Community-Spaces: (Please reference the issue number).

Thanks for your help!

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Just discovered that there is a "libreplanet-se" mailing list, for free/libre software discussions specific to #Sweden:

I subscribed and started a few threads:

- The Swedish Riksbank's new digital currency, "e-krona" -- could it use #GNU Taler?

- FLOSS at Swedish schools and universities?

"Free/libre alternatives to BankID and Swish?"

If you live in and/or care about Sweden, join the mailing list you too. Let's change the world starting here! 🙂


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When you meet smart people you always want to be a bit cautious so they don't trick you into something you never wanted.

With smart devices it's the same. So ask yourself whether you always want to cautious about a "smart device" that you buy.

For my part, I'm reasonably sure that I don't want to have to consider the fridge a threat. Therefore, a stupid fridge is fine for me.

luke smith, I often see people linking luke smiths videos, I hope this will make people think again. for me, it was enough when I saw hes black sun wallpapers on github along with all the racist and stupid shit he says in hes videos

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im really not in need of nextcloud in terms of file sync, but I use it for contacts, notes and tasks.. I wonder if there are any good alternatives for each use case.

the only file sync I would like to do with nextcloud is image sharing, but I dont like how I cant find a way to share a link directly to an image. I guess I have to find a good way to share images too

im thinking about to go for a selfhosted fedi instace again, but i cant really decide between mastodon and pleroma.. feels like the only people who are using pleroma are nazis and people who loves naked anime girls and i dont want to fall in to any of those categories. the other con with pleroma is that i guess i still cant bring my followers with me :/

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Nämen? Hej! 🗣💥

I denna specialare intervjuar vi @ainali, Codebase Steward på Foundation for Public Code. Vi får reda på allt från vilket djur som symboliserar Jan, till hur han hjälper offentliga verksamheter att jobba med öppen mjukvara. Lyssna in! 🙌

#opensource #foss

@TFG @mllepogany I've had a lot of problems with my ISP so I've not had any internet until two days ago. now its in use and I love it. I haven't had the time to play around with it too much yet tho. one thing I love is the ad blocker so I dont need to get a pihole. with my apu2e4 I get almost 1Gbps (900-something) over ethernet and over 500 on wifi (which I only use on my phone, so im happy with that).

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Hello everyone. We published a blog post about the current state of maintainership at Funkwhale today:

TL;DR: We are still searching for help! Interested? Just get in touch :)

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Då var det dags! 💥🚀✨

Vi lyssnar in på kommandobryggan när #Linux flyger på #Mars och spekulerar kring det växande behovet av #opensource. Kan man döda #plasma med muspekaren? Det, #foss, och mycket mer! 👌

@hund är det strul med xmpp servern? får 'remote server not found' i kanalerna och går inte skriva till dig. certifikatet som gått ut kanske?

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