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So . I'm a geek living in the peak district (in the UK), with my dog and cat overlords and my lovely wife. I'm a free software fan, especially the linux and emacs ecosystems. I write go for a living, my brain may still run on Perl though. I play double bass (not enough any more), and I like making bread. I read a lot of books in the SFF vein, I like tabletop RPGs. If I run them I tend to use GURPS. I drink real ale, I'm partial eating cheese. Hi!

Taken my main desktop from an ancient Ubuntu to Manjaro. Feels fresh!

Our neighbors kindly donated us some cat food, which piggy is enjoying. But some of it seems to be marketed for demon cats?

UK politics 

Tory leadership contest is like a game show where the prizes are a poke in the eye or a kick to the shins.

Everything Everywhere All At Once, is the only film I've ever seen that can get an emotional response out of two rocks rolling down a hill.

Been fiddling with a thing for unpacking huge JSON arrays into NDJSON. Mostly because we have a bunch of this kind of rubbish to deal with at work.

Piggy (the cat) has now been caught red handed (pawed?) dropping a live frog in the dogs water bowl. So this is now confirmed to be part of her psycological warfare.

Even if not for any other reason that org-mode's link syntax fits in my brain and markdown's is like a USB-A cable, in that I always get it backwards first try.

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Why am I only just using a in place of a now? So much nicer.

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Just switched to mastodon.el 1.0.0: it fixes bugs and annoyances, and adds a bunch of bells and whistles. 👍


Last night my wife got me to cut her hair and re-do her under-cut.

I feel I've passed some advanced relationship test by getting through this process alive.

British politics 

Hooray! The government is crumbling. Second worst British government of my lifetime.. Worst being the Cameron administration, that lead to Brexit.

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obtaining music my favourite way feels less and less nice:

First train on my glasto voyage ( well the first that wasn't cancelled) is actually quite quiet. I think this is because only mad people are talking a train between train strike days. .

Off to Glastonbury tomorrow... Getting a bit demob happy. Sun isn't helping (although it will of course rain there).

Very hard to concentrate with an exciting Eng vs NZ test finale going on !

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I'm the maintainer of @feditips, @FediFollows, @FediVideos and @homegrown /

If you appreciate any of these, you can make a donation at: :blobcatheart:

(It says euros but any currency will work!)

Thanks! :blobcathug:

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Fedi-wide survey, boosts appreciated!

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