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The NPCs mechanically interact/react with your character differently depending on the skin color you chose? You just taught players something about racism in a game without writing.

The multiplayer survival game you just made is only winnable with cooperation, not with battle royale? You just sent a political message in a game without writing.

Your browser-based incremental about an immigrant starting a business in the US keeps you from traveling as you can't read the language on the map...

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@detondev I like the Alan Quatermain books on
It's like indiana jones, old school


- Robert Frost: Mountain Interval (road less traveled is in this one)
- Victor Fleming: The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind
- Cecil B. DeMille - The Ten Commandments
- George Gershwin - "Rhapsody in Blue" (so great)
- "The Man in the Brown Suit" by Agatha Christie
- "Tarzan and the Ant Men" by Edgar Rice Burroughs
- E.M. Forster, A Passage to India (booring)
- Santa Claus Blues, Charley Straight and Gus Kahn (recorded by Louis Armstrong)

@detondev metamorphoses by Ovid. make you see the world through the eyes of a non-Christian Ancient Roman. also, Aesop's Fables - they are moralistic, but the "morals" are merely non-binding advices, not totalitarian laws. Brothers Grimm. Hand Christian Andersen. Kalevala (finnish folklore). Russian folklore.

Can anyone recommend me some public domain books, movies, music, games, paintings, etc?

Does anyone know of a good, comprehensive, tutorial on how to brew coffee?

Totally serious

There's so much conflicting info on pour over vs. drip vs. cold brew etc... And worse, a lot of them preach the same method regardless of coffee variety, roast, and grind. All these affect the flavor and choice of brew method isn't always an appropriate match

Can anyone recommend me some public domain books, movies, music, games, paintings, etc?

Something I hadn't noticed since learning how to draw again is that I'm actually changing pencil leads

Years (eons) ago, when I was drawing or just writing, I think I changed one lead every few months. Most cases, just a single lead would last me a whole year

I guess this is a good sign I'm actually going about it instead of the pencils sitting in my case for ages

A celebrity is someone who works hard all their life to become known, and then wears dark glasses to avoid being recognized.

what if: gamingonlinux, but without all the stadia news

have you ever thought "dang that's an adorable bunch of bezier curves"

Questions for spaced repetition TUI development(Python 3):

1. What data filetype would work best with my goal of giving each card in the datafile a "front", a "back", and the ability to run any terminal command that the user desires(i.e. feh to display image related to card)?

2. What's the best way to have the program save information on the cards' positions in my Leitner Box implementation?

3. How the fuck has anyone managed to get anything done with Urwid?

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