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I'm doing a play-through of DCSS and I've encountered the ghost of a former player character in a jail cell. Fight or not?

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"some people will abuse it, so no one can have it" is such a horrific yet common take nowadays
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@detondev Not anything super fancy. The server i use(and probably others) support running some scripts and rendering the output in the gophermap that's how i show the server uptime and such

all you do is preface with a = for example this is what shows the uptime

=echo "server uptime -> `uptime | sed 's/.*up *\([^,]*\), .*/\1/'`"

So technically anything that results in text output could be done this way

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Defusing drama on the timeline by yelling "Now kiss" at the people causing it.

Computer cleaning update #2:
I've found an old program I had written back when I was about 13. It's a program that displays colorful ASCII art which commemorates an event that took place on the day you run the program, like a console-based FOSS recreation of Google Doodles. It's a great idea to add to the class of terminal programs like cmatrix and sl, but it's incomplete and broken from all the Python updates since I first wrote it. This is another thing I'll have to try resurrecting.

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There’s some free software in this world, Mr. Frodo. And it’s worth fighting for.

A little digging into my files and apparently I was writing a tabletop RPG about pirates at some point? It actually looks really cool, though it's a bit messy because it was made in LibreOffice. I think I might have to take the images and content and rewrite this in LaTex.

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Today is the day of the month where I go poking around my computers' filesystems for random shit that's been sitting unattended because I forgot it was there.

I'll post the stuff I find here. :D

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I've found another reason, besides the global recession, why I feel discouraged to find a new 'career.'

I've noticed this trend of people becoming their work. Where every part of your life, your online and offline identity revolves around your job. You no longer just work - you're 'living a passion', and 'growing a brand'. It feels like the human being behind the job disappears. As if, in order to be successful, you need to commodify every aspect of your life.

Idk is this relatable in any way?

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yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

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Alright, soon it's the deadline for turning in my writing assignment.

Gotta write like the wind!

Alright everyone! After a few days of toying around with , I've finally gotten the first iteration of my gopherhole online!

Note that it's very incomplete and empty, as I haven't decided how to go about uploading most of the content, but it's an OK start!

Here is the link:

And a shout-out/thanks to @mgrondin for providing the hosting on!

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Nothing frightens me more about the present opinion of a few that if you're famous or in the public eye, then you should be able to take a few harsh messages on the internet or you're mentally weak.


Because popularity is free in the age of the internet.

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This photograph ranks #1 in terms of the most profound influence on our understanding of the universe

This is the photograph which provided the first experimental confirmation of the theory of general relativity

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It still makes me super upset seeing people be afraid or downright ashamed for asking for help

It's OK to ask for help
It's OK to need help
It's OK to receive help

especially if it's dependent on your fucking survival.

personally, if it wasn't for the dozens of strangers that helped me over the years, Idk where I would be, even more so now

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OpenStreetMap news 

StreetComplete was selected to receive a grant! That's good. The app is straightforward to use and very handy at improving mapped areas without the user having mapping expertise. It's already been improving rapidly, presumably because the maintainer is under lockdown. I'm glad money was allocated for their work!

#OSM #OpenStreetMap #StreetComplete

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