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My OG introduction is hopelessly out of date, so here's an update!

I'm Sam, an autistic, teenage transgirl who intends on learning and doing basically everything under the sun in pursuit of bringing the games I see in my head into the real world, however long that's gonna take :3

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I love how going out in the snow makes the indoors seem so sterile and fake for the first few minutes back inside.

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The FOSS community should gather together all the different public domain universes(Lovecraft, Robin Hood, Dracula, all the pulp/noir characters, etc) and build some sort of dope expanded franchise/universe of free & open source games/movies/books/TV/other cool stuff.

Come on, you know you want this to happen :D

Hey Mastodon, what are the best resources to know about when trying to teach some digital literacy to a lil' kid who currently only knows how to do the basic icon clicking and internet navigating stuff?

Imagine if YouTube was shut down.

It would be a literal tragedy for the human race. Billions of hours worth of creativity would disappear in an instant.

"That would never happen!" some believe.

But it already has.

Remember Google+? All of it's gone forever.

Or remember all that media stored on MySpace? It's vanished.

We must stop depending on Big Tech to archive our data. Their mandate is to profit off our data, not preserve it.

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gods, demons and robots in fiction frequently adopt human form to deceive and seduce. in reality, they have no interest in us, content to lie incognito for aeons as brown dwarves, mossy rocks, and that strange earthy smell that descends over the city on sundays

Guan Yin, trans non binary buddhist diety. will appear as a man or as a woman depending on what kind of scolding you happen to need on your adventures

dusted off an old project today, making lots of progress i never thought i would make :3

It's ready! Wooh!

Stars, Steel, and Space - a Compendium of Future Visions

Stars, Steel and Space is a compendium of AI-generated sci-fi futuristic artwork, with themes covering vehicles, fashion, engines, astronomy, and more! 169 high-res pages with illustrations, sketches, notations, concepts, and blueprints to fuel your imagination.

Created in MidJourney. Thanks to @Arcana for the title suggestion!

CW AI art

#AIArt #DigitalArt #MastoArt

The Xenobiology Codex is live, weee!

"An AI-generated compendium of 96 pages of alien flora and fauna with fantastical sketches, illustrations, and scribbled notes and annotations, resembling the Voynich Manuscript."

96 page high-res print-ready PDF. Images created in MidJourney.

#AIArt #MastoArt #DigitalArt

CW: AI-generated art

Spent the evening teaching my little brother how to use DOSbox

May film done! It's called "Reservoir". The plants are watered. 1 min long w/sound. Password is respass

Your occasional reminder that transphobic policies are bad for everyone, and that they target anyone who isn't performing a gender well enough according to the rules of whomever has decided to be the gender police at that particular time and place.

Love me, a cis woman, who is tall enough and has short enough hair to get called "Sir" now and again.

More art from the unreleased Mac II CD-ROM version of The Fool's Errand. This one is just an enhanced version of the art from the original game's "Ladies enjoy rowdy jigs of yore" puzzle.

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I absolutely LOVE this Brian Eno quote a friend posted on FB

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