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@PINE64 #Pinetime now supports BLE notifications!

Release 0.4.0 brings BLE notifications, nice icons, brightness and sysinfo apps and bugfixes!

Here is the changelog :

Any contribution to improve the UI is more than welcome. Next step : OTA!

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is down by DNS problems. A temporary patch in your /etc/hosts :

He configurado mi router con una red "CoronaWiFi" abierta para quien no tenga conexión por el .

I have configured my router with an open "CoronaWiFi" network for those people who don't have connectivity while lockdown.

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How to change a weakness (slow refresh rate) into a nice feature : implement a nice scroll transition when the screen needs to be fully refreshed!

Hardware vertical scroll + LittleVGL + @PINE64 #pinetime community = 👍

Credits to for the idea!

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Version 0.3.0 of my C++/#FreeRTOS/#LittleVGL firmware for @PINE64 #pinetime is available!

The major change is the integration of LittleVGL as UI lib. It contains 5 demo apps showing the capabilities of the firmware and of the device!

Release Note :

Wow! The following -in-two position took about 15 minutes to solve by Dietrich Prinz with a Mark 1 computer in 1951.

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Testing #littlevgl widgets (button matrix, gauge, meter) on my #pinetime firmware !

Also notice that the refresh time has been improved thanks to many optimizations on the SPI driver and LVGL integration!

And I've found a way to disable auto-focus on my camera! Yay!


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OpenData Day 2020 A Coruña
7 de marzo na Domus - Casa do Home
Charlas e talleres para afondar nos datos abertos

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